What hatred and what is it?

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mask must be applied every day. Every time a star brings up his skin care tips, he will say, “every day I will apply a mask.” Indeed, in many reality shows, we can see that they have all the masks in the fridge, not on the mask, but on the way to apply the mask. Entertainment news has mentioned that Fan Bingbing should apply more than 700 mask a year. Boyfriend Li Chen once said in public that Fan Bingbing felt at home whenever and wherever possible when she was at home. Many small buddy also began to apply the mask everyday, and those who sold the mask began to play which star was the same way of skin care, one day, fourteen years old is not a dream! Those who make you apply the mask everyday are afraid of what you have to hate. Or is it really just for sales, everything else has nothing to do with them.

as everyone knows, the daily workload of celebrities is relatively large, and they often stay up late and wear makeup frequently. Their working environment is under strong light and their skin is damaged so that they will apply many times a day. Besides, they will also have some other care besides facial mask. In addition, stars eat by their faces, so their investment and care of faces will be more meticulous than those of us.

mask no matter what effect, its content is also the largest water. If you apply a mask every day, forcing a large number of continuous replenishment, the keratinocyte will be like the water saturated fat sea, has been in a state of bloated and bloated, and can not get rest – that is, excessive hydration, the barrier function of the cuticle has been damaged, and then lead to a series of skin problems. The cuticle of the skin also thins.

if the skin is hydrated excessively, the normal secretion of oil in the sebaceous glands will also be disordered. At this time, you will find that the skin is prone to acne, which is also the result of drinking too much water.

there are many people finishing the mask directly to sleep, the follow-up skin care a general go, this is wrong, then your mask to a large extent, it is white compress, replenishment is very important, but lock water is also very important. Only in this way can we achieve the effect of replenishing water.

mask is divided into several types according to its efficacy: replenishment, moisturizing, whitening, cleaning, and so on. Each mask has different methods of use. For example, using heavy make-up to repair facial mask, using sunscreen and moisturizing mask. If you really want to apply a mask every day, you can divert the mask with different functions. For whitening and pigmentation, it is not recommended to apply every day, even if it is crossed, and apply 1~2 times a week.

note: when applying a mask, it is better to shut up eyes or repose or read books. Many small buddy love to apply mask to do other things, it can save a lot of time, but it will be infected with bacteria. Finally, the time of applying the mask should not exceed 15 minutes.

reasonable application of mask is a lot of benefits, excessive application of mask, in addition to the money is also bad for the skin, how do you choose it? Use the correct method of applying mask to make beautiful fairy. Pets