What is a woman with “easy pregnancy constitution”? With these five characteristics, contraceptive measures should be taken at ordinary times

There are some women who want to be pregnant, but they have been unable to conceive. However, some people do not want to be pregnant, but they always get pregnant accidentally, which causes great harm to their body.

one of my colleagues, Nini, is a post-90s girl. She is very cheerful and beautiful. After getting married with her husband, she plans to enjoy the world of two for two years, and then have children.

one day, Nini didn’t come to work. She sent me a message saying that she was pregnant and asked me to contact a hospital. I advised her not to do so, but she didn’t agree, and eventually she had an abortion.

two months later, Nini was pregnant again. I said to her, “Why are you so careless? You have just finished the stream of people for a short time, and now you are pregnant again. It’s very harmful.” Nini said she paid attention to it, but did not know what happened. It might be a coincidence. But Nini had to do another abortion.

Nini took a rest at home for half a month, and then returned to work again. Originally, she thought that these two experiences would make her have a long memory. Unexpectedly, she still had a “fluke mentality”. She got pregnant again five months later. This time, the doctor did not recommend her to have abortion, and let her leave her baby and take good care of it. Otherwise, it might affect her reproductive function.

every woman’s physical quality is different, so the probability of pregnancy is also different. Those women who are particularly easy to get pregnant will have the following five characteristics.

women have the best childbearing age, which is 25-29 years old. At this stage, women’s body organs have fully developed and matured, and their physical quality is also very good. The egg quality is very high, and the fertility is also very strong. Therefore, women are particularly easy to get pregnant at this stage.

many women have menstrual disorders, sometimes delayed, sometimes early, which will affect pregnancy. Those easy to pregnant women, menstrual cycle is particularly accurate, will not delay or advance, so ovulation period is also very accurate, thus increasing the probability of pregnancy.

those women who are easy to get pregnant have a good character. They don’t haggle and worry too much. They are relaxed every day and don’t have too much pressure. Women with this character will have a healthier constitution, so they are easy to get pregnant.

if a woman is too fat, it will affect her health and may suffer from some reproductive diseases, so it will affect her pregnancy. If you are too thin, it may be caused by malnutrition, which is not conducive to pregnancy. Those women who are in good shape, not only look beautiful, but also conducive to pregnancy.

women who don’t smoke or drink alcohol will not be harmed by alcohol and nicotine, so their chances of pregnancy will be higher, and their babies will be healthy.

although women with easy pregnancy constitution are healthy and have many benefits, if they do not intend to have children, they should take contraceptive measures at ordinary times, otherwise they may get pregnant accidentally.

the success rate of this contraceptive method is very high, so it is recommended that couples who have no plans to have children take this contraceptive method, which is sold in many supermarkets. However, it is necessary to pay attention to the shelf life of condoms and observe whether there is breakage, so as to avoid accidental pregnancy.

if you want to have no children for a long time, women can use the contraceptive device, which is often called “shanghuan”. The success rate of this method of contraception is also very high. However, women should pay attention to the location of the contraceptive device and choose the device with good material. It can not be used for too long, otherwise it will be invalid.

contraceptives can be divided into long-term contraceptives and emergency contraceptives. However, it is not recommended to take such contraceptives. Especially taking emergency contraceptives will have a certain impact on women’s health. If they are taken regularly, they may also affect fertility.

in a word, if a woman wants to get pregnant and have a child, she should keep good work and rest habits and eating habits. She should not be too fat or too thin. She should not smoke or drink at ordinary times. She should keep a good attitude and prepare for pregnancy within the optimal childbearing age range, then the probability of pregnancy will be very high.

if women don’t have the idea of having children, they should take contraceptive measures at ordinary times, and do not have fluke psychology, otherwise they may get pregnant accidentally. Frequent abortion will cause harm to women’s body and may lead to infertility, so women should pay more attention to this aspect.

I am a sweet orange mother, a nursery teacher. I write an original article through my own experience. I hope the knowledge points in the article can make you gain something. If you want to continue to post more information about parenting every day. 21 days after delivery, the pregnant woman had a new baby, but the doctor did not find it was “twins”