What is it like to be “face blind”? Why others always can’t remember themselves, the reason is these three points

In real life, it’s very common to be told that you are like so and so. So, why face blindness? It should be that you have these characteristics. < / P > < p > everyone’s facial features and looks are very unique, but it is always easy to be mistaken. The key is that you have very popular characteristics. Now very common hairstyle is “split + hair”, so it is easy to be face blind, such as Sun Yi. She and Li Qin couldn’t recognize each other at first sight. However, if Sun Yi, who is blind to the face, changes her hairstyle, she will naturally have discrimination. She changed her hairstyle to Qi bangs, which greatly reduced the similarity between her and Li Qin. Since then, the probability of being “face blind” is also reduced. < / P > < p > almost anyone will not have any expression on their face in peacetime, but if they don’t smile often or even smile a little, they will lose some symbolic features on their faces. So once there is no expression, it is easy to be face blind, such as Tong Yao, and Zhang Ziyi can not see the difference. Later, she began to pay attention to the item of expression management, constantly changing the expression of her face. So when you see Tong Yao in the back, her face has obvious personal characteristics, and you won’t be blind when you see her. The so-called false white sense of

refers to the fact that the foundation of the face is overcoated with fair skin but very sham. This is a very common phenomenon today, if all “false white” faces, it is easy to make people feel blind to you. For example, Sun Li, such a white face, is a lot of people, and Jiang Qinqin together, really can not distinguish. However, if Sun Li’s plain face is released, it will not look very similar to Jiang Qinqin, so people will not feel very blind when they see Sun Li. < p > < p > but she can face everyone with a plain face, the key is to do this step well – wash face! After removing the dust and grease from the face, it can reduce the production of acne, so there is no need to apply too much foundation to make the face appear false white. < / P > < p > so today I would like to recommend this kind of Yongfang pearl Huayan amino acid cleanser, which can solve more than 50% of skin problems, including acne, acne and mouth shut! The function of amino acids is to adjust the water and oil of the skin to a balanced state, and reduce the “pressure” of skin care products, which has the effect of protecting skin barrier. Therefore, when using amino acid cleanser, the skin will not have any irritation. < p > < p > Yongfang zhenhuayan amino acid cleanser is very suitable for girls with fragile skin, which can improve the damage of skin. At the same time, it has a certain moisturizing and brightening effect. If used for a long time, the skin condition will become better. < / P > < p > the main ingredients are amino acids, potassium cocooylglycine, Phyllanthus dillenii and sodium lauroyl zwitterionic acetate. These are very mild materials, so Yongfang pearl flower beauty amino acid cleanser does not have any irritation when applied on the face. At the same time, it can repair skin, moisturize and moisturize! < / P > < p > so most of the younger sisters who used it for a period of time indicated that their skin was smoother and more elastic, and after washing the face, the skin was even more moist than before. < p > < p > Yongfang Zhenzhu Huayan amino acid cleanser can also help remove mites from skin. You can touch your face, whether there are particles that have not been eliminated for a long time? This is not actually acne, the rate is probably mites, to eliminate it, choose this amino acid cleanser is the most appropriate but! < / P > < p > because the Yongfang pearl Huayan amino acid cleanser is suitable for acne and sensitive muscles, it has no great cleaning power and can protect the barrier. Adding a little water is just a tiny bubble, so it will be more gentle. < / P > < p > skin is more healthy, thanks to this Yongfang pearl flower beauty amino acid cleanser! The barrier has also been very good repair, no longer need to worry about allergic discomfort! < / P > < p > after using Yongfang zhenhuayan amino acid cleanser, his partner gave a satisfactory reply on the official website, saying that it can really make the skin better and better! < / P > < p > sensitive muscle repair artifact, acne muscle acne partner, Yongfang Pearl Flower Yan amino acid cleanser is absolutely unique! If you like, just act! The original price of 78 yuan of facial cleanser, click on the link to get 40 yuan of coupons, so the price is only 38 yuan! Is it super cost-effective? Let’s move! Next