What is periostitis and how to prevent it effectively? Insist on doing it, or not be disturbed

Now more and more people, tired of work and study, it is difficult to have enough time to get proper exercise. People who do not exercise for a long time are mostly poor in physical fitness, and will have various minor problems. Some people will exercise in a whim, but the way of exercise has good or bad, and it should be gradual. However, because some people are eager to succeed, they take high load exercise at the beginning, which will lead to excessive muscle tension and stretching, resulting in periosteum injury, and the symptoms of periostitis. Periostitis can lead to swelling and pain in the human body, and even lead to heavier pain and even walking difficulties when the damage is serious. In addition to the formation of bone envelope in the human body, it can also help the growth of bone envelope in the human body. < / P > < p > periostitis is a pathological change of the joint caused by the external stimulating reaction. As the periosteum is stimulated, it will produce inflammatory reaction, and the secretion in the periosteum will be out of balance, resulting in the increase of effusion in the shutdown and pathological changes. < / P > < p > the most common part of periostitis is the knee joint, because the knee joint is the “big customer” of periosteum in the human body, and has the most periosteum. Therefore, the knee joint is the most common occurrence of periosteitis. Once the knee joint has periostitis, it will make the human body lose the labor force, cause great impact on people’s life, and even cause harm to human health. < / P > < p > the main reason for periostitis is that there is less exercise at ordinary times, and the muscle coordination ability of the body is also relatively low. When the human body suddenly has a large amount of exercise or the way of exercise is wrong, it will lead to long-term muscle tension, resulting in periosteal tear damage and periostitis. < / P > < p > when periostitis appears in the early stage, the symptoms are mostly not obvious, and there will be pain after exercise. With the aggravation of exercise time, periostitis will become more and more serious, with swelling of the parts, fatigue and fatigue of the human body. Even when walking, they will limp and limp. In serious cases, the pain will aggravate and the human body will have difficulty walking. < / P > < p > long term inactivity will lead to the decline of human health and various diseases. Therefore, proper exercise is very important. When we want to exercise, we should make warm-up preparation before exercise It can stretch the muscles and joints of the human body, promote the blood circulation of the human body, reduce the tension of the muscles, and avoid the injury of muscles and ligaments during the exercise, so that the periosteum is subject to excessive wear and tear. < / P > < p > the way of exercise should also be paid attention to. Exercise needs to be done step by step. Muscles and ligaments also need a process of adaptation. When exercising, pay attention to your body changes and avoid strenuous exercise. After the exercise, properly massage and maintain the muscles of the body, which is conducive to muscle relaxation and human fatigue. < / P > < p > in addition, we should always pay attention to our physical condition in our life, do early detection and early treatment of periostitis. After the symptoms of early periostitis occur, we can get effective improvement through drugs. < / P > < p > but once the periostitis aggravates, it is necessary to carry out relevant surgical treatment, exercise at the same time should pay more attention to diet, supplement muscle protein, can effectively improve the quality of the human body. Focus