What is the best time for caesarean section? Doctors don’t know, but mothers need to know

With the continuous improvement of medical technology, cesarean section is becoming more and more mature. Some pregnant women choose cesarean section for various reasons. < / P > < p > but when is the best time for caesarean section? Some superstitious old people will say, “of course, the children born in auspicious time are the best”. Is this really the case? Her mother-in-law is a superstitious person. Since her cousin is pregnant, she has been praying for gods and Buddhas everywhere. She hopes to have a good life when she grows up. Finally, she calculates that three o’clock in the afternoon is the best auspicious time. She doesn’t want to disappoint her mother-in-law’s kindness and thinks that it will be born sooner or later Agreed with my mother-in-law to do cesarean section at 3:00 p.m. < / P > < p > the experience before and after caesarean section made my cousin really regret her original “obedience”. Before caesarean section, I had to go on fasting for 8-12 hours, but my body had already spent one night. I was scheduled for the operation in the afternoon, and I had to go on fasting for half a day. Before the operation, I was starving, and I couldn’t eat immediately after the operation. Now, I have to endure hunger for six hours Can drink some water, before and after a day and night did not eat food, cousin really regret the choice of afternoon cesarean section. < / P > < p > cesarean section needs 8-12 hours of fasting before operation. During this period, you can’t eat. The purpose is to prevent the vomiting reaction of puerpera during anesthesia, which will cause the vomit to block the respiratory tract and cause danger. < / P > < p > if you choose to do surgery in the morning, most of the time of fasting is at night. Basically, the operation can be carried out after sleeping, which successfully avoids the hunger brought by fasting. Moreover, the consumption of the body under sleep state is relatively small, and the fasting one night will not bring much impact on the pregnant women. < / P > < p > in the morning, the doctor has just come to work, the mental state is usually the best, but in the afternoon, the doctor has been busy for most of the day, and the body will feel a little tired; moreover, in the morning, the doctors and nurses in the hospital will be more complete, once any emergency occurs during the operation, the puerpera can be treated and treated in a timely manner. < / P > < p > after a night’s rest, the maternal’s physical and mental state is also better in the morning. At this time, cesarean section can better cooperate with the doctor, and also help the postpartum recovery. < / P > < p > generally, cesarean section can be finished in about an hour. At this time, the postoperative care of family members is needed. The operation in the morning is more convenient for postoperative care. If the operation is performed in the afternoon, the postoperative nursing may be postponed to the evening, so that the light and the state of the nursing staff will not be the best. In conclusion, the best time for cesarean section is in the morning, and the best month for cesarean section is at 39 weeks of gestation or at the beginning of spontaneous labor. Although the fetus is full-term at 37 weeks of gestation, it does not mean that the whole fetus is mature, and the fetal brain and nervous system are still developing gradually. < p > < p > therefore, in order to make the fetus more healthy, the best choice for cesarean section is 39 weeks of gestation. In case of special circumstances such as water break or abnormal amniotic fluid, you need to seek medical treatment in time, and if necessary, you need to carry out emergency cesarean section operation, and all of which should be safety oriented. < / P > < p > Senior nursery teacher and original author invited by multi platform. If you want to know more about mother and child care, you can click attention in the upper right corner of the article. If you think this article can help more people, please like it, collect and share it! Focus