What is the difference between a pregnant mother who often takes a nap and does not take a nap? The actual difference is too big

After pregnancy, many pregnant mothers find their work and rest habits are different from those before pregnancy. For example, I used to stay up late and go to bed late, but now I am sleepy during the day and night. I am seriously lack of sleep and can’t wake up. There are pregnant mothers, with the growth of the fetus, sleep at night is not good, not turn over inconvenient, is always feeling out of breath, old insomnia.

in fact, there are a lot of things that need to be paid attention to when it comes to sleep during pregnancy. Pregnant mothers should learn to adapt. Especially now, the residual temperature in summer is not completely over, it is easy to doze during the day, and it is also a big problem whether pregnant mothers take a nap in the afternoon.

a treasure mother left a message saying that she was 7 months pregnant and still working. Because the unit is far away from home, there is no way to go home and rest at noon, so I can only lie down on my desk and sleep. However, because the stomach is too big, lying down and uncomfortable, so basically do not nap. Some time ago, she went to have a birth check-up and told the doctor that she couldn’t take a nap. The doctor’s advice is that it’s better to take a nap.

the doctor told her that a nap was necessary. First of all, there is a baby in the pregnant mother’s stomach, which is easier to be tired than normal people. Taking a nap can give the pregnant mother a rest and recover her physical strength and energy. Secondly, napping during pregnancy and not napping, giving birth to a big difference in the baby, often nap more good for the baby.

we know that if a person lacks sleep, he / she will be very tired and in a very anxious mood. Pregnant women are more likely to be tired than normal people, and the influence of pregnancy hormone is more likely to be sleepy. If you often take a nap at noon, you can rest your body, and then your fatigue will disappear, and your mood will be better. It will be more conducive to the maintenance of the fetus. The baby will develop naturally and be relatively mild after birth.

if you don’t take a nap during pregnancy, the pregnant mother is tired and anxious, and the bad mood will affect the baby. Then the baby is easy to be noisy, angry and difficult to coax, which also has an impact on her personality.

in addition, the pregnant mother and the baby are one. If the pregnant mother does not often take a nap, then the baby will follow the pregnant mother to boil. Such a baby is born, it is difficult to establish the habit of taking a nap, which is not conducive to growth and development.

on the contrary, if the pregnant mother often takes a nap, then the baby will continue to have a good nap habit after birth. The noon will not be particularly noisy, and both the mother and the baby can have a good lunch break time. This kind of “Angel Baby” is not only the blessing of family members, but also helpful for their own growth and development in the future.

studies have shown that when pregnant women take a nap, their lymphocytes will be stimulated and their immune cell activity will be enhanced. If the pregnant mother’s immunity is improved, the baby will naturally be exposed to light, because compared with those babies whose mothers do not nap, their body immunity is relatively higher.

pregnant mothers should pay attention to that they can’t go to sleep immediately after lunch, and they should interval a period of time, otherwise they will cause indigestion, dyspnea and dyspnea, and they and their baby will be uncomfortable.

and yes, the time should not be too long. Otherwise, it will easily lead to sleepiness and drowsiness. If you don’t have the effect of rest and relaxation, you will be sleeping in vain.

Finally, when taking a nap, the pregnant mother should choose a comfortable sleeping position. It is not advisable to lie down on the desk and it is easy to squeeze the fetus. If possible, pregnant women in the workplace can sleep on their back with a U-shaped pillow, and pay attention not to stretch their stomachs. Or, find a sofa or cot to rest on alone. 08/16/2020