What is the effect of excessive infusion on the body? The doctor said frankly: the three hazards should not be ignored

Now the level of medical treatment has improved a lot, and the treatment of many diseases is faster. In life, as long as many people have a cold and fever, the first thing is to go to the infusion, I think it’s only fast if it’s good. But in fact, we only think about how to make the body better faster, but ignore the possible side effects of excessive infusion.

excessive infusion is a common phenomenon nowadays. Some people are eager to achieve the purpose of treatment quickly because of their fast-paced work. Some people are used to the treatment of infusion, and feel that it is fast and effective. Some patients even ask the doctor for infusion when they go to see a doctor.

there are even people who think that even if they are not sick and feel uncomfortable, they can also get infusion and supplement nutrition. This is a wrong understanding. Although there may be no discomfort in the short term, the disadvantages will appear in the long run. What are the effects of excessive infusion on health? The doctor admitted: the following three hazards can not be ignored, early understanding is better, to have a correct understanding of the infusion of this treatment.

the first harm is that it is easy to increase the burden on the heart and kidney, especially for people whose heart and kidney functions are not very good. Unlike taking drugs, infusion will enter the blood soon after entering the body, so the blood vessels will expand, and the burden on the heart, kidney, liver and other organs will increase. In the long run, the heart function and kidney function may be damaged.

the second harm is that it will have a strong dependence on infusion, and the body’s own immunity and resistance will decline. Every time you get sick, you need infusion. If you over rely on infusion, ignoring infusion may disturb the normal immune function of the human body, and the immunity will decline. If the immunity is reduced, the ability to resist external viruses and bacteria will be reduced, and the patients will go for infusion. In this way, a vicious circle will be formed.

the third hazard is that the infusion site may increase the risk of bacterial and viral infection, and in severe cases, the kidney may affect the safety of life. Infusion is needling a certain part. If the liquid is polluted or the infusion is not disinfected, bacteria and viruses are easy to deposit and invade the human body. Light points may cause skin problems. If it enters the blood, the hidden danger may be greater.

excessive infusion has adverse effects on the body, but the doctor also reminds us that the adverse effects are brought by excessive infusion. Correct infusion and reasonable infusion are also necessary, which are good for treatment. It can’t be because excessive infusion is harmful. After that, we will go to the other extreme. We can just use any other treatment method, that is, we don’t choose infusion.

different diseases are treated in different ways. If there is no need for infusion, it is unnecessary for infusion. But for some diseases, the only way to treat them is through infusion, so infusion is necessary. Whether infusion is needed or not depends on the specific disease and the actual physical condition of the patient.

it is also necessary to remind you that different people may have different reactions to drugs. Some people may have allergic reactions, especially their own skin is easy to be allergic, which is allergic constitution. These people need to pay more attention before infusion, and do a test to prevent adverse reactions during infusion. It is not good for treatment, but it will bring hidden dangers.

in a word, infusion is a way to treat diseases, but we should not rely too much on infusion. We should not underestimate that infusion can bring the above three hazards to the body. For infusion, according to the disease, their own situation, but also to comply with the doctor’s advice. Pregnant dream “Golden Dragon” is about to “give birth to a boy”? You think too much, the function of fetal dream is not here