What is the first sign of bowel cancer? It’s not “bloody stool”, but this “sign”

Colorectal cancer is a relatively high incidence rate of digestive tract cancer in recent years. Especially since people’s eating habits turn to high oil, fat and high sugar, and then sit on the same habit, the incidence rate of colorectal cancer has increased significantly.

according to statistics, the number of new colorectal cancer patients in China has exceeded 370000 every year, and almost every day more than 1000 people suffer from this disease. Many patients with colon cancer found symptoms, and then to check, it is already in the late stage, missed the best opportunity for treatment.

in fact, according to clinicians, more than 80% of early colorectal cancer can be well cured. On the one hand, because the early symptoms of colon cancer are not obvious, it is not easy to be found. On the other hand, many people do not consciously do colonoscopy regularly or are afraid of doing colonoscopy, which leads to the advanced stage of cancer.

when it comes to symptoms of bowel cancer, people who are concerned about health may know that bloody stool is a common symptom of intestinal cancer, which is usually caused by rupture of intestinal tumor tissue. But people who don’t pay attention to health often treat hematochezia as hemorrhoids, which is very common in clinical practice.

we once met a young male patient. He was 24 years old. His diet was not very regular. He liked to eat hot pot, barbecue and other food. Half a year ago, he occasionally had bloody stool and was treated as hemorrhoids. As a result, the situation became more and more serious. There were not only bloody stools, but also abdominal pain, weight loss and fatigue. The results showed that the cancer was in the middle and late stage.

hematochezia is indeed a cancer signal worthy of our attention, but if you can see obvious hematochezia, it means that the tumor may have developed relatively large. And the following hidden signal, may be the first signal of colon cancer, we should pay attention to it.

this signal is anemia. Anemia usually refers to the decrease of hemoglobin concentration in the blood, which can not reach the normal range. Generally speaking, when the hemoglobin concentration of adult male is lower than 120g / L and that of female is less than 110g / L, it belongs to the range of anemia. The lower the hemoglobin concentration, the more serious anemia.

there are many reasons behind anemia, such as malnutrition, chronic diseases, and women with large menstrual volume and fatigue are also prone to mild anemia. But need to be vigilant is, anemia may also be the first symptom of bowel cancer, usually will appear before obvious bloody stool.

as we said above, when there is a tumor in the intestine, the rupture of tumor tissue will lead to slight bleeding. At the beginning, this kind of bleeding will only lead to occult blood in the stool, which is usually not obvious and is not as easy to detect as bloody stool. At the same time, the proliferation of cancer cells will also consume the body’s nutrition, increasing the incidence of anemia.

as a result of anemia in some patients with colorectal cancer, their symptoms in the early stage of cancer are fatigue and pale skin, rather than obvious bloody stool or mass. If you notice this, you may as well make a careful examination. The earlier you discover cancer, the higher the power to cure it.

especially those who have long-term meat, fried food, sedentary, family history of colorectal cancer and some intestinal polyps should pay more attention to the signs of anemia.