What is the fitness effect of skipping rope every day for 1 month? Little brother tried

Rope skipping is often considered a favorite sport for girls, but it is not. If you can master your training intensity, it is only a matter of time to lose weight and lose weight. Of course, any sport can’t count on two days of hard work to achieve results, adhere to it, you can have a chance to witness the miracle.

the little brother introduced today looks quite average. Although he is thin enough, he doesn’t have any stomachs, but it’s hard to say that he is satisfied with this boy. Who doesn’t envy healthy and structured muscle lines?

little brother knows that he has a certain amount of muscle accumulation, but his body fat rate is high, so he can’t show it. So he decided to try to jump rope 2000 times a day for a month to see how his figure changed. Let’s also take a look at the fat throwing effect of rope skipping.

let’s take a look at my brother’s weight before the start of the challenge, which is only 139.8 pounds. For him, weight loss is not the primary goal, only to reduce the body fat rate is the most important, let’s take a look at it.

my brother chose to finish the training task in the courtyard at home. It was not easy to achieve the goal of skipping rope 2000 times a day. At the beginning, I could only choose the way to complete the training in groups. As long as the quantity and quality of sports are not discounted, there is no problem.

with the deepening of sports, my brother’s movements have become more and more skillful, and the one-time persistence time is also longer and longer. Rope skipping can not only reduce body fat, but also improve cardiopulmonary function. You can arrange it according to your actual situation.

if you want to lose weight and lose weight through rope skipping, it is recommended that you use this rope skipping. Novice rope skipping is easy to trip, you can switch the cordless mode, and calculate the calorie consumption and other calculation modes, which is cheap and practical!

in addition to rope skipping, there is also this kind of steel wire rope skipping, which is not easy to knot. It is suggested to use soft rope skipping rope for no rope skipping foundation. When you adapt, you can use steel wire rope skipping. It will feel better, cheaper and practical!

gradually, little brother also began to unlock new rope skipping movements, such as high leg skipping, which has a unique effect on exercising the whole body. You can also try more, and you will find that you can really have unlimited potential.

besides fitness, diet is also very important! Weight loss do not know how to eat, you can read the following column, recommended novice weight loss must learn some dietary tips, time limit 1 fold.

the 30 days have finally passed. We should know that the total number of rope skipping has reached 60000 times. I admire my perseverance. Of course, we are more concerned about the contrast between the front and back of the body. The muscle lines of the waist and abdomen have become distinct, especially the shark line on both sides of the waist and abdomen.

let’s take a look at the side figure comparison. The small stomach adduction is nothing. The muscle curve that can be seen everywhere is the highlight. Who says thin guys can’t get stronger and lower their body fat rate, you’ll find there’s nothing impossible.

my brother’s weight was set at 135.8 pounds, although losing 4 kilograms in 30 days did not seem to be a satisfactory result. But little brother is not fat, the change of visual effect is more important than anything. For people with different weight bases, the bottleneck of weight loss is also everywhere, and rope skipping is undoubtedly the best choice to break these. Friends may as well try it.

the rope skipping fitness plan is attached for your reference. Keep in mind that all kinds of fitness should be shared every day. You can match the training movements freely and change the pattern of rope skipping every day.

8 push ups, rope skipping 1 minute, 8 squats and knee lifts, rope skipping 1 minute, 8 bobbies, 1 minute rope skipping, 8 open and close jumps, 1 minute rope skipping, 8 high leg lifts and 1 minute rope skipping. Fitness plans are made for 100 fans free of charge every month. They are first come, first served. Reply to “fitness program” by private message=“ https://luanban.com/21-days-after-delivery-the-pregnant-woman-had-a-new-baby-but-the-doctor-did-not-find-it-was-twins/ ” target=”_ blank” rel=”noopener”>08/16/2020