What is the latest childbearing age for women? It’s not 35, it’s not 40, it’s this age

There are always different opinions about the latest childbearing age of women. Some people say it is 35 years old, but some people still give birth to a baby at the age of 40. < / P > < p > under normal circumstances, the latest childbearing age of women is 40-50 years old, because there is no menstruation at this time, so they can no longer have a baby, which means they lose the ability to conceive. Some netizens asked: everyone menopause time is not the same, some people time is particularly early, that is not very loss? < / P > < p > it is true that women who stop menstruation earlier do not have an advantage in giving birth, but in real life, most women will give birth at an appropriate age. Although the constitution is different, but in general, 40 ~ 50 years old will not menstruation. There is also an example, some will not ovulate in their 30s, and some will still have fertility in their 60s. Of course, the latter two cases are relatively rare. About 45 is the latest childbearing age for most women. < / P > < p > in fact, it’s the safest time to have children between 24 and 29 years old, because this time is not only the best childbearing age for women, but also the stable stage for women’s career and marriage. Men of similar age also have better sperm quality in this period, so giving birth to a baby at this time can give them better care and good genetic genes. < / P > < p > the development of medicine makes it possible for many women who can’t get pregnant smoothly. In the past, with the help of science and technology, women can use test tube baby and other means to give birth to babies. Although these technologies can help people realize their wishes, it is not advisable to rely too much on them. Natural pregnancy will make Baoma suffer less, and the baby will be stronger. Therefore, the majority of women should not delay the time of giving birth to a baby because of their career and other things. Even if they want to be Dink, they should also consider it clearly, otherwise the price of age is hard to make up. < / P > < p > for most people, those who don’t carry out the prenatal examination on time are always puzzling. As a matter of fact, most of the parents who relax the prenatal examination have a “fluke mentality”, which is particularly common in the second child. Many Baoma felt that they had suffered so much and spent so much money to have the first child checked, but nothing happened. So the second child relaxed her vigilance and thought that there was no need to go through this procedure again, saving money and effort. < / P > < p > in fact, every child may have an “unexpected situation” when developing in Baoma’s stomach, which has nothing to do with the first or second child, so as long as it is pregnant, parents should carry out prenatal examination on time, so as to ensure the safety of the baby and themselves. < / P > < p > the matter of giving birth to a child can not be completely based on experience, because everyone’s physique is different, and their pregnancy experience is also different, which will lead to different results. Therefore, parents must not have the mentality of “I’ll do what others do”. They must be “stable”. Modern medicine is so developed, why don’t we use it? 08/16/2020