What is the “light diet” that doctors often advise? Too many people have misunderstood

Mr. Wang, 42, is an office worker. He is 172cm tall and weighs 69kg. In other people’s eyes, Mr. Wang is thin and healthy, but two years ago, he was found to have mild fatty liver. From then on, Mr. Wang began a vegetarian life.

it turns out that the excess starch and sugar in Mr. Wang’s staple food will be converted into fat. If they are not consumed in time for a long time, these fats will “run” into the liver.

it is estimated that “light diet” is the advice that many people see doctors and hear after surgery because of gastrointestinal discomfort. However, many people, like Mr. Wang, have misunderstandings about light diet. They think that if they don’t eat meat or oil and salt, they just eat vegetarian food. This wrong “light diet” method will not only fail to prevent diseases and promote physical recovery, but also may cause a series of health problems.

light diet is actually based on the diversity of food. Through reasonable food collocation, the balance among protein, fat and carbohydrate can be well balanced. Scientific light diet can help people keep healthy and prevent diseases.

when the body’s protein intake is insufficient for a long time, a large amount of fat tissue will decompose. The decomposed fatty acids will reach the liver through the tissue and accumulate in the liver. Moreover, when the liver transfers the fat, it must use the help of apolipoprotein. However, the vegetarian diet will lead to the lack of apolipoprotein, and the fat accumulated in the liver can not be transferred in time, which will form lipids Fatty liver.

fat is a lubricant for the intestinal tract, which can promote the peristalsis of the intestinal tract. If the normal intake of fat is limited, constipation will easily occur.

long term vegetarianism will cause vitamin B12 deficiency, cause the function of red blood cells in our blood, and also affect our brain nerve cells, which is easy to induce Alzheimer’s disease.

since vegetarianism is not a light diet, how should we eat to be healthy? Doctors believe that a really light diet must include the following five principles.

first, less seasoning. Seasoning includes salt, monosodium glutamate, chicken essence, soy sauce, soy sauce and other condiments that can increase food flavor and taste. In, it is recommended that the daily intake of salt for adults should not exceed 6G. However, there is still a large amount of sodium in the above condiments. Therefore, the first principle of light is to use less salt and less seasoning.

second, less oil is used. Light diet must be less oil, but not equal to no oil. Nutrition experts recommend that the daily amount of edible oil should be between 25-30g. At the same time, it is better to maintain the diversity of oil. Tea seed oil, olive oil, soybean oil, sunflower seed oil and peanut oil should be used alternately.

third, cooking. In terms of cooking methods, quick frying, steaming, stewing and blanching are all cooking techniques that can maximize the food flavor and nutrients, and avoid frying and frying as far as possible. At the same time, we should pay attention to the diversity of food materials, meat and meat with high fiber bacteria and algae, etc., which can reduce the absorption of fat and cholesterol in meat in the body.

fourth, try to eat “white meat” and lean meat. White meat refers to “white” meat such as chicken, duck and fish. Most of these meat are high-quality protein, which can not only supplement rich amino acids, but also have essential fatty acids needed by human body. It has a good effect on lowering blood pressure and blood lipid, and can prevent the occurrence of cardiovascular diseases. The fat content of lean meat is low, so we should eat more lean meat.

fifth, control sugar intake. At present, scientific research has found that sugar is related to the occurrence of a variety of diseases. It can stimulate the rise of insulin level in the blood and accelerate the absorption and synthesis of fat. Therefore, the light diet also includes the control of sugar intake. Nutrition experts suggest that residents’ daily intake of added sugar should be controlled below 50g, and try not to exceed 25g.

light diet is light, but it is not tasteless, vegetarian and other extreme diet. As long as the scientific selection of food materials and cooking methods, ensure the balance of high nutrition, we can enjoy the delicious food while realizing the light food, and also can harvest health. Focus