What is the probability of hepatitis B developing into liver cancer? 4 symptoms appear, do not delay, check and treat as soon as possible

Liver is an important organ of the human body, responsible for resisting various harmful substances from the outside of the human body. For liver diseases, what most people know should be hepatitis B.

hepatitis B is not only infectious, but also aggravates the possibility of liver cancer. Most people will be vaccinated against hepatitis B vaccine from childhood, but vaccination can not completely prevent the emergence of hepatitis B. in China, there are many patients with hepatitis B, once there are signs of cancer, it is difficult to carry out relevant treatment, because the liver Viscera usually will not appear discomfort, once there is liver cancer, it may be late, so the prevention and treatment of hepatitis B is very important.

liver cancer is a very serious disease. According to the survey and statistics, liver cancer has become a problem in the world, ranking top three in the world’s cancer diseases list. However, among these huge number of liver cancer patients, half of them are in China. The most important reason is the emergence of hepatitis B.

hepatitis B virus is the most critical factor leading to liver cancer. More than 80% of patients with liver cancer are caused by hepatitis B virus. The appearance of liver cancer is not formed in a short time. The formation of liver cancer is a very long process. Patients with hepatitis B are more likely to cause liver cancer than ordinary people.

the probability of liver cancer in patients with hepatitis B is more than 200 times that of ordinary people. Therefore, when hepatitis B disease is detected in the hospital, it should be timely controlled to avoid aggravation of the disease. Moreover, hepatitis B is also highly infectious. The spread of hepatitis B disease is mainly caused by human blood and genetic factors. In addition, private contact can also lead to hepatitis B infection The spread of the virus is more powerful, even higher than the speed of the spread of AIDS, a drop of blood may lead to human infection.

because hepatitis B is mainly transmitted by viruses that have used DNA, this DNA virus can survive for a long time in the outside world, and the general alcohol disinfection in the family can not be effectively eliminated, so it is often transmitted to the outside world for a long time.

for the DNA virus carried by hepatitis B disease, many patients will produce immune response after being infected by hepatitis B virus, and expel the hepatitis B virus in the human body out of the body. If they can not effectively remove it, they can also be cured under the drug treatment provided by the hospital, and most people will be vaccinated since childhood, which has a strong effect on hepatitis B This kind of vaccine can effectively prevent hepatitis B.

many hepatitis B patients will cause liver damage after being infected, resulting in chronic hepatitis B, and even major liver cirrhosis diseases. The impact on the human body is still relatively small. Therefore, treatment during this period can effectively remove hepatitis B virus in the body and restore the health of the human body.

many patients with hepatitis B are due to the decline of liver function, resulting in abnormal liver metabolism. Spider nevi in the shape of spider will appear, and even cause gastrointestinal reactions, dyspepsia and other symptoms. They are often misdiagnosed as gastrointestinal diseases, which is not conducive to early treatment.

chronic hepatitis B has been in the human body for a long time. It will cause more or less damage to the liver. Will it lead to cirrhosis? If the condition of liver cirrhosis is stable, there will be no other adverse consequences. However, the deterioration of human liver cirrhosis will cause many serious complications and even threaten human life.

many patients with liver cancer are caused by hepatitis B virus infection. If the liver disease is not effectively controlled for a long time, it will lead to liver cancer. The amount of virus carried in the body of hepatitis B patients will also aggravate the liver cirrhosis, leading to the occurrence of liver cancer, which will not only harm the health, but also cause compression pain of body parts, and even endanger it in serious cases Life, therefore, is very important for the protection of the liver, usually pay attention to a reasonable diet, do a proper amount of exercise, regular inspection to the hospital, conducive to the protection of our health. Focus