What is the reason for the golden dog to lose its hair

Dog owners are often troubled by the problem of dog hair loss. Golden hair is a noble and elegant medium and large dog. Its hair is long and thick, and it is easy to lose hair. However, if there is only a small amount of hair loss, there is no need to worry about it. It is likely that it is in the period of hair change. Pay more attention to help it comb its hair and maintain good indoor hygiene. And if the golden hair is very serious, and regardless of age, season a large number of hair loss, pet owners should pay attention to it, find out the reasons for its hair loss, and deal with it accordingly.

the salt requirement of dogs is different from that of humans. High oil and high salt foods are hard for them to afford. If Jinmao is often fed with human leftovers, pickled meat, dog food or canned meat with high fat content, if Jinmao takes in too much salt, the visceral burden is too heavy, which will not be conducive to its health, resulting in a large number of hair loss.

therefore, in terms of golden fur diet, pet owners should pay attention to keep the diet light and nutritious, avoid eating foods with high oil and salt content and excessive additives. Try to choose some low salt and light natural food or ecological food as its staple food. When feeding, you can mix some fast-moving pet hair to help it supplement the nutrition needed for hair and beautify and protect the hair.

dogs may have some skin problems. If their skin is infested by external parasites or suffer from eczema, folliculitis and other skin diseases, it will lose a lot of hair due to itching and scratching.

for this kind of situation, pet owners should pay attention to regular insect repellent work in place, both inside and outside the body, to avoid parasite infestation. For skin diseases, it is recommended that after finding out the cause of the disease, consult the veterinarian and use appropriate drugs for treatment. Do not blindly use drugs to avoid skin irritation. For serious skin diseases, regular bath treatment should be considered.

many people often use human shampoo, shower gel or washing liquid when bathing dogs. However, these lotions can cause irritation and damage to the dog’s skin, destroy its normal pH value, and cause a lot of hair loss.

therefore, in our daily life, we should pay attention to the reasonable arrangement of bathing times for golden hair. We should not wash it too often, let alone give it a non pet lotion. We should choose a mild pet shower gel to clean it, reduce the stimulation to its fur, and blow dry the hair as soon as possible after washing, so as to avoid the moist hair and bacteria.