What is thyroid nodule, can thyroid nodule worsen? How should it be reduced

Thyroid nodule is a common disease. Many people should see the condition of thyroid nodule on the physical examination report. At this time, the patient may be very confused. He is very normal and has no symptoms. How can he have thyroid nodules? < / P > < p > in fact, thyroid nodules are very peaceful things. Most thyroid nodules belong to benign hyperplasia tissue, and there will be no symptoms. Therefore, it is difficult to detect that they have suffered from the disease. The rest of the patients will have throat pain, edema, foreign body sensation and other symptoms, but as long as they are treated, they will probably recover. < / P > < p > first of all, we need to know where the thyroid is. The thyroid gland is located in front of the trachea on the left and right sides of the neck and the inferior side of the thyroid cartilage. Thyroid is an important endocrine organ of human body. Its function is to produce thyroxine, which can promote the normal operation of metabolism and is very important to human body. < / P > < p > What about thyroid nodules? In fact, it is a lump of thyroid cells after special hyperplasia. The high incidence rate of this disease is mainly related to the current living habits. Abnormal sleeping habits, staying up all night, unbalanced diet and insufficient iodine intake will trigger thyroid nodules. < / P > < p > most thyroid nodules are benign nodules, so it is not necessary to worry about the deterioration of thyroid nodules. However, we should pay attention to the monitoring of thyroid status on weekdays, and regularly go to the hospital for examination. Most of the malignant thyroid nodules do not have the function of secreting thyroid hormone, so these nodules are called “cold nodules”. “Cold nodule” has the possibility of canceration and deterioration, so after the diagnosis of thyroid nodules, we need further examination, such as cytology, and then operate according to the condition. There are many methods to treat thyroid nodules, including general treatment, drug treatment, surgical treatment, etc. The attending doctor will choose the method according to the examination, and formulate a complete treatment plan for the patient after comprehensive consideration of the nature of the nodule, the type of the nodule, and the patient’s physical condition. Therefore, patients should follow the doctor’s arrangement, remember not to use drugs without permission, to avoid increasing the difficulty of treatment. In general, there is no need to treat benign nodules. We just need to follow the doctor’s advice for daily living. We should limit the intake of iodine in diet. We should not stay up late. We should maintain emotional stability, avoid abnormal emotional excitement and affect the ability of thyroid hormone secretion. At the same time, we should regularly check whether the thyroid function is normal. < / P > < p > for nodules that secrete thyroid hormone, patients need to take antithyroid drugs under the guidance of doctors, so as to adjust the hormone balance of human body. < / P > < p > when you know that you have thyroid nodules, don’t panic and yell “I want surgery”. In fact, surgery is not the preferred treatment. There are only three situations that need to be treated through surgery: the first is benign nodules with large volume; the second is nodules whose thyroid hormone secretion cannot be controlled by drugs; and the third is malignant nodules. < / P > < p > first of all, we should have a regular work and rest table. Good work and rest helps to maintain the thyroid hormone level in the body. Secondly, we should control the intake of iodine in diet, and eat less stimulating food, raw cold food and spicy food. Finally, to ensure the right amount of exercise, through exercise to improve human immunity. < / P > < p > to sum up, thyroid nodule is only a kind of disease with little harm. Although it is common, it is not terrible. Therefore, patients with thyroid nodules do not need to have too much psychological pressure. Patients with malignant nodules only need to follow the doctor’s advice and cooperate with treatment. And benign patients should eat, sleep and do what should be done! 08/16/2020