What kind of mosquito bit you? Just look at the shape

The first is irregular protuberance, large area, obvious edema, easy to scratch, and orange peel like small holes, with clear edges, itchy and slow regression.

the name of the “killer” of such mosquito pieces is midges, also known as mosquitos. However, they are not regular mosquitoes. They belong to the family Ceratopogonidae. They attack in a straightforward way and run away after biting. However, they are small in size and have great damage. Toxic substances in saliva can cause strong allergic reactions under the skin.

the “killer” of this kind of mosquito block is Aedes, which is commonly referred to as “flower footed mosquito”. The “crime” is extremely calm, because during the day, when you are active, you will have a “local anesthesia” when biting, and you have no reaction at first.

the “killer” is Culex pipiens, commonly known as domestic mosquitoes. At that time, everyone was almost asleep at night. Therefore, the “crime” of Culex pipiens was not very particular. It simply “stung you”. When the mosquito bag woke up the next day, the mosquito bag almost disappeared. But if it was a night owl who was bitten late, the pain and itching feeling was more severe than that of Aedes mosquito!

after being sucked for so many years, I finally found the Lord who had a deep blood feud with myself. All day and night, even those who are not mosquitoes are also mixed in the blood sucking army. Netizens are itching while watching the video. The electric mosquito swatter, electric mosquito repellent incense, toilet water, radar and universal palm are all ready.

first of all, it has compound eyes. It has an ultra wide-angle vision of 240 degrees left and right and 180 degrees up and down. Without turning its eyes or twisting its head, it can detect hostility around it. Compound eye also has thermal imaging function. Even if you turn off the light, in its eyes, you are still a shining light bulb, the target is too obvious.

the mosquito has a balance bar at its tail, so it is very handy to hover and suddenly change direction. Even if we stare at it, it can suddenly disappear from our sight.

even more bizarre, scientists have also shown that mosquitoes can learn and remember at the same time. If a mosquito bites you and you wave your hand and slap it, the tiny vibration on your skin will interrupt the mosquito from biting you. Moreover, mosquitoes will remember your smell and this dangerous experience, and will avoid you when they encounter you in the future!

even so, we can’t wait for death. How can we catch it and eliminate it? In addition to the conventional method, the observation Jun also included these “folk prescriptions”, you can try the effect.

lock the target position, rub the hands with hand washing milk and some water to make bubbles. Of course, facial cleanser, bath milk, shampoo and dishwasher essence are OK. As long as you have bubbles on your hands, you can easily get close to mosquitoes, and mosquitoes will stick together!

this method is really ten times and nine times. As long as there is a bubble on the hand and it is close to the mosquito, the mosquito will not detect it immediately. Moreover, you can wash your hands after catching it. It’s really convenient! Especially when taking a bath, it is easy to deal with mosquitoes flying into the toilet! Do you believe it? You don’t believe me.

the roller slowly pushes towards the mosquito. Mosquitoes can detect the approaching creatures by their body temperature and smell. If you beat the mosquitoes by hand, they will easily find them. You can easily take them off with the roller without temperature? Observe Jun I’m looking for the roller.

last but not least, there is an organ at the root of a mosquito’s wing, that is, the armpit. When the wings vibrate, they will rub and buzz. When the male and female mosquitoes approach, they will change the tone of the buzz to match each other. If they match, they will mate. Good gas Oh, eat and drink enough of our blood, but also hum a little song, born offspring continue to drink.