What kind of phenomenon is “ghost presses the bed”? What happens if you don’t resist?

“Ghost” is a word that is easy to think about, while “ghost presses the bed” literally means that you are pressed by a ghost when you are sleeping. This word is more picturesque, but you need not be surprised, because if you have ever felt breathless while sleeping, like being pressed by something, this experience is the legendary “ghost pressure bed”. So, is there a scientific explanation for this? How did it come into being? Let’s briefly talk about this topic. < / P > < p > first of all, the author has experienced the so-called “ghost press bed”, so I would like to share my personal feelings with you. I remember a summer afternoon a few years ago, I was lying on the sofa reading, I do not know how long, then sleep in the past. I don’t know how long I sleep. Suddenly I feel like I’m bound by something. At that moment, I seem to be able to hear the sound around me, but when I want to open my eyes, I find that I can’t open them, that is, I can’t do it with all my strength. Besides, I found that my limbs didn’t listen to me, and they didn’t move. However, after a lot of competition, I found that my mouth can move. In the process of moving the mouth, the fingers and toes gradually can also move, and finally the whole body returned to normal, I opened my eyes. < / P > < p > when you open your eyes, everything that just happened is like what happened, which makes you feel scared in retrospect. I have had more than one dream like this, so every time I wake up, I will observe my own details. Generally speaking, there are several characteristics: once I was lying on my bed with my hands crossed in front of my chest; once when I just went to sleep; once I was more than 6 o’clock in the morning; finally, all the experiences happened in the year two years ago. Although science can’t explain everything at present, it has been conquered by sleep neuroscience for a long time. In sleep neuroscience, this phenomenon is called “sleep paralysis”. The whole process of our sleep is actually divided into several stages, namely: sleep period, shallow sleep period, deep sleep period, rapid eye movement stage. These five stages are gradual, the whole process will last about 100 minutes, after that, it will cycle again. In general, the symptoms of sleep paralysis mainly focus on the late stage of REM, which is the intermediate node of the second cycle, or the last stage of the last sleep cycle. < / P > < p > because at this stage, people’s consciousness is the easiest to wake up, but at this stage, the muscle tension of the human body is still in a low tension state, and it can not accurately receive or give feedback to the instructions issued by the brain. This causes you to feel awake, but your body can’t move. When we feel sober, but our body doesn’t listen to the command, we usually have inner panic. In addition, we are influenced by some superstitious ideas or horror movies and TV works, so that we are connected with “ghost”. So there is a saying that “ghosts press the bed.”. In fact, this statement is unscientific. < p > < p > according to scientific research, sleep paralysis symptoms are mainly concentrated in people with high pressure, excessive use of brain before sleep, emotional excitement before sleep and excessive sleep. < p > < p > as we said above, “ghost presses the bed” is actually a kind of sleep paralysis, and also a kind of sleep disorder. It is not different from the grinding teeth and talking in sleep that we often say. So even if you have such an experience, it just means that you may be nervous and stressed at different stages. Secondly, the consciousness we perceive in sleep paralysis is not really conscious. I believe everyone has seen it. This is similar to the effect of dream in dream. At that time, what we called complete consciousness was actually a state of half sleep and half awakening. So, if you let it go, there are only two directions. One is to enter a normal sleep cycle, continue to sleep, and the other is to wake up completely in a few minutes. < / P > < p > however, in general, when people encounter this situation in their sleep, it is difficult to ignore them calmly. According to my experience, the way to quickly wake up in this state is to move the mouth first, then to the shoulder, then to the hand, and then activate the muscle tension through the activity of fingers, and finally wake up completely. < p > < p > < p > “ghost press bed” is just an unscientific name for sleep paralysis. It is actually an uncommon sleep disorder with low recurrence rate. As long as you keep a good work and rest and mentality, even if you have this experience, you will rarely have the opportunity to experience it again in the future. Focus