What reason is female cat micturition frequency little

The female cat urinates normally 3-4 times a day. If the cat frequently urinates on the litter and has little urine, the owner should pay attention to it. Generally, the cat will not have these behaviors for no reason, which requires the owner to help and take care of it. In this regard, according to the personal experience of raising cats, the following will specifically share some reasons and measures that may cause the female cat to urinate less frequently.

in daily life, if the female cat drinks too little water, it will lead to less urine, so the owner should pay attention to let the cat drink more water. Usually, add enough drinking water to the cat’s water bowl, so that the cat can drink water when she wants to drink water. If the owner is not often at home, he can prepare an automatic water dispenser for the cat, so that when the cat is thirsty There is water to drink.

a cat is a small animal that is easily affected by the environment. When she goes to a strange environment or sees a stranger, she will be afraid. When she sees a threatened thing, she will blow her hair. If the mother cat is in a frightened state, she will be more nervous, so she will urinate less frequently. If this is the case, the owner should help the cat smooth her hair, coax it more, and talk to it in a soft voice, so that the cat’s mood will gradually stabilize If the cat calms down, its urine will return to normal.

if none of the above reasons is true, the owner should consider whether there is a urinary system problem in the female cat. If the female cat is in a good mental state, she can feed the cat some pet urine powder such as mewlushun, mix it with the cat’s food and feed the cat, and then carefully observe the cat to see the micturition of the cat. After that, it is still the same as before If the urine is less frequent, the owner should take the female cat for examination and treatment in time, and pay attention to the light diet of the female cat.