What should I do if I have a cramp in swimming? Understand this knowledge and be prepared

It is mainly because of water-cooling stimulation, hunger, over satiety, a lot of sweating, physical fatigue and other reasons, so that muscle contraction disorders, causing convulsions, if not handled properly, will lead to drowning or even death. < / P > < p > ③ if the lower leg or toe is cramped, first take a breath and float on the water, hold the toe of the cramped limb with one hand, and pull it towards the body. At the same time, press the other hand on the knee of the cramped limb to help straighten the cramped leg. < / P > < p > ④ if the thigh cramps, first take a breath and float on the water, lift the spasmodic thigh at a right angle to the body, hold the lower leg in both hands and bend the knee vigorously to make the cramped thigh stretch towards the body to relieve the cramp. 08/16/2020