What should I pay attention to when seeing a doctor? Remembering the seven no’s is helpful for treatment

Every time I go to the hospital to see a doctor, the doctor has diagnosis and treatment suggestions for the disease, including some examination and test results. These data are necessary and can be used as reference for the next time you see a doctor. Therefore, every time you go to the hospital, try to bring all the medical records, especially the examination results. When

begins to see a doctor, the doctor will carefully observe the patient’s facial condition and condition. Before going to bed, he can not smear lipstick, foundation or nail, otherwise it will cover up the illness and not collect the disease evidence through the patient’s skin.

smelling smell is also one of the methods for doctors’ diagnosis. The smell emitted from the body is caused by physiological activities and pathological changes of viscera. Some diseases can be judged from the smell of the patients. If they are smeared with highly concentrated skin care products or spray perfume, they will cover their own odour and affect the diagnosis. In addition, do not eat food with strong smell, such as leek and garlic.

the tongue is the external manifestation of the five viscera and six Fu organs. In general, Chinese medicine requires patients to put their tongue out and diagnose diseases by observing the changes of tongue coating and tongue quality. But some food or medicine will dye the tongue coating, thus creating an illusion. Nuts and milk will make the tongue coating white and greasy, coffee or chocolate enzyme will make the tongue coating black, sweet potato and orange will make the tongue coating yellow, eating too spicy food and drinking too hot water will cause the tongue to turn red, so the above food should be avoided.

pulse cutting is one of the main means of diagnosing diseases in traditional Chinese medicine. Diseases can be judged by observing the changes of pulse conditions. The formation of pulse has a great relationship with the rise and fall of Qi and blood in viscera. If you do strenuous exercise or too excited, the pulse speed will be too fast, thus covering up the real pulse. Therefore, before seeing a doctor, you can’t do strenuous exercise to calm down your good mood, and you can’t be too excited. If you have just finished exercise or after climbing stairs, you need to rest for 10-20 minutes, and then go to see a doctor after your pulse is stable.

physical examination is an important link when seeing a doctor. Detailed physical examination is conducive to doctors’ understanding of the condition and is also of great significance to the diagnosis of diseases. If you wear too tight clothes, it will cover up the physiological and pathological reactions, affecting the doctor’s judgment. Therefore, when seeing a doctor, try to wear loose clothes, and women can wear skirts, so that they can cooperate with the doctor for examination.

when seeing a doctor, the doctor will ask the patient’s symptoms and the medicine he is taking. This is the way for the doctor to obtain the first-hand information. Therefore, we should be practical and realistic, and we should not conceal the disease, especially the problems related to the disease, otherwise it will lead to misdiagnosis and missed diagnosis, thus delaying the disease.

doctors can’t be changed frequently when seeing a doctor. Some patients with chronic diseases find that the effect is not significant after taking drugs for a few days, but changing doctors immediately will lead to overtreatment. In addition, we can’t use drugs without authorization, and we can’t use other people’s prescriptions on ourselves. Patients need to go to the hospital regularly for review, and adjust the dosage and treatment plan according to the changes of the condition. 08/16/2020