What should school physical education do when off campus training is popular?

Extracurricular remedial classes have already become the “standard configuration” for many Chinese families. In recent years, extracurricular sports training classes have sprung up in many areas, and the prices are not low. According to CCTV China voice, the physical training for one class an hour usually costs more than 200 yuan. < / P > < p > in the process of market operation, the relationship between supply and demand is often the core factor affecting the price trend. Behind the high price of sports training class, it is the urgent demand of parents and students. From improving the score of physical education in the middle school entrance examination, leaving homework in physical education class, to the relevant departments’ research on sports being included in the college entrance examination, the importance of sports achievements in higher education has been significantly improved in recent years. At the end of last month, a hearing in Yunnan Province proposed to raise the full score of junior high school students from 50 to 100, and Guangdong Province also decided to increase the physical education score of middle school entrance examination from next year. At the moment when exam oriented thinking is still dominant, parents and students of “score only theory” rush to seek ways to improve sports performance quickly, thus giving birth to the popularity of extracurricular sports training. There is no doubt that it is a good thing to attach importance to physical education and enhance students’ physical fitness. However, when sports is linked with examinations and scores, it will enter a social system that leads one to one and moves the whole body. It is not only a matter of strengthening one’s health. < / P > < p > 200 yuan per class is a big burden for many families. A parent’s message said the public’s voice: “I don’t think it’s necessary, but for the sake of children’s score, there’s no way.” When expensive extracurricular sports training brings parents “forced voluntary” burden, the first thing we should see is the dislocation of responsibilities between family and school, which is a kind of alienation of family school relationship. This is similar to the recently hotly debated “group of angry retired parents” and the previous discussion of “reducing the burden to parents”. < / P > < p > after hearing the news, extracurricular cram schools are being chased, which makes people confused. Where is the school physical education? The reality is that many schools are still short of PE class hours in the normal teaching process. The PE class has not been able to take off the “minor subject” title, and the worry of occupying the so-called “main subject” in PE class has not been eliminated. < / P > < p > in addition to the quantity, but also quality. In some schools, physical education is still in the “laissez faire” state, teachers equate physical education with free activity class. No matter in order to improve scores, or to enhance sports skills, students undoubtedly need more scientific curriculum system and more refined training methods. To achieve this, we can not do without strengthening the construction of physical education curriculum and teachers. In this way, students can accept more professional and efficient physical education. In addition, some supporting measures should be followed up in time. For example: to strengthen the construction of sports infrastructure, repair some stadiums and equipment; appropriately extend the opening time of sports venues, and open them to students at weekends or other after-school hours; adopt more diversified ways of physical exercise, set up long-distance running activities in sports extracurricular, enhance the actual effect of broadcast gymnastics, or carry out special training for examination contents, and even organize competitions And so on. They are all the brains that schools should and must use. When it comes to education, equity is always the greatest vision. As a relatively equal and simple field, school is often able to bear the word “fairness”. If the school transfers the responsibility to the family, even the extracurricular training institutions, all kinds of gaps will appear immediately. Take physical education as an example, whether family conditions can afford extracurricular training, whether parents attach importance to it, and the distance between home address and sports facilities May affect students’ grades. Therefore, to provide better physical education for students in the school is the main responsibility that the school should implement, and it is also the practice of education fairness. After pregnancy, do not let the wife do these five kinds of housework, the husband should be responsible for it, otherwise it is easy to hurt the fetus!