What will happen to your body after half a year’s running? Personally speaking, the gap is really big!

People pay more and more attention to health. More and more people are willing to devote their energy, time and money to health. After all, having a good body is better than anything. Compared with other sports, running is a convenient and physical exercise sport. It has low requirements on the site and climate conditions. It can run on windy and rainy days. You can’t do it. You can do it indoors. < / P > < p > when we run, as long as we run out of “glycogen” in our muscles after a certain amount of exercise, we will start to secrete this substance – so there is also a saying that “running is addictive”, which is why. < / P > < p > when endorphins start to secrete, our brain will feel happy, and the accumulated pressure will begin to disappear with the secretion of endorphins. < / P > < p > I believe that many people have experienced this. After a long period of exercise, whether in school or elsewhere, the heart will be relaxed. Today’s life, whether students or office workers, most people’s sleep quality is not good. After the lack of sleep, the spirit began to muddle. Then at night, I couldn’t sleep well, and the next day I was depressed vicious spiral. < / P > < p > after finishing physical work, people will easily enter deep sleep because of fatigue, and can maintain a longer time – running is equivalent to “physical work”. Through physical fatigue, sleep quality is enhanced, which can be regarded as an additional function. Lao Wei was also an ordinary person and had a period of depression. My chance to start running is not to lose weight or keep fit, but to get a thorough high-quality sleep by “exhausting myself”. < / P > < p > I don’t need to explain this? Exercise can improve the blood circulation, and then accelerate the progress of the project of “getting rid of the old and welcoming the new” inside the human body. < / P > < p > because of running, the muscles of both legs have been trained, and they will become more developed and powerful – girls should not worry about their legs becoming thicker, muscle legs will not be thick in essence. But when you’re finished, you need to stretch your muscles to avoid lateral growth of your calf muscles. < / P > < p > in addition to the muscles, our lungs also become stronger. Running is very helpful to increase lung capacity, which in turn determines whether our organs can work healthily. < / P > < p > because every part of our body needs to consume oxygen, and when we consume oxygen, we also need to eliminate “waste gas”. At this time, the lung is like a “oxygen waste gas exchange transfer station”, the larger the capacity, the more able to ensure the work efficiency of other organs. < / P > < p > reminder: if you want to lose weight by running, whether it’s running, walking or tortoise speed jogging, you must maintain more than 30 minutes of exercise time. Because the first ten or twenty minutes of human consumption is glycogen, then fat. < / P > < p > now I’m going to show you that I’ve been running for years. The most obvious change is from the previous obesity to the present “no fat”. Before, due to the pressure of work and life, my sleep quality was not bad, but it was absolutely bad. Sleeping late, getting up early, and getting to and from work is tiring. Every day I feel dizzy and my head is bloated. I don’t need to do any tests. I also feel that I’m “virtual”. < / P > < p > then I started running, I didn’t run fast, but I would guarantee the amount of running. From the beginning, I had to run and walk for 1km, and now I can do my pace. This process of change, if not a good body is not able to support. < p > < p > after the first week of running, I obviously feel that my spirit is different. Before going to work the next day after going to bed at night, people were more or less depressed. < / P > < p > but now, I can only use the word “energetic”. Physical fitness up, those who feel tired before are not called things. Acne spots on the face are also significantly less, walking is no longer a hunchback, the whole person seems to have been washed, the spirit is not the same! < / P > < p > it’s true that life lies in sports. After persisting in running, people will have great changes. But in my experience, if you’re a budding new runner who hasn’t started yet, a pair of casual running shoes is still very important. < / P > < p > for example, ADI’s ultra boost series can take both walking and running into consideration. In addition, peak’s state series, as a representative of domestic new technology, has excellent foot feel. Other equipment can be dispensed with, but running shoes must be bought to fit. Focus