What’s the difference between a baby born at 37 weeks of gestation and a baby born at 40 weeks of gestation? Although they are all full-term children, there is a big gap

That is to say, children born in 37 weeks also belong to normal childbirth, so is it OK for everyone who wants to be born after 37 weeks?

after all, many mothers complain that their bodies are too heavy in the later stage of pregnancy. They are very burdened. They don’t want to be able to bear it. They want to dissect their children quickly.

it’s not a joke. It can’t be so arbitrary to make a decision, because although 37 weeks and 40 weeks are full-term babies, they are different from you, and the difference is still very big.

both Xiaolei and her best friend are pregnant, but her best friend is older than her month, so the two sisters are in a good mood and mood during their pregnancy. But her best friend is watching TV at her home that day and suddenly feels sick.

two people rushed to the hospital. As a result, when they arrived at the hospital, the doctor was about to deliver the baby. However, it was only a little more than 37 weeks ago. She thought that she was not full-term, and knew that her best friend would give birth safely soon, and then she knew that the baby was full-term.

it’s easy for Xiaolei to unload the goods. The doctor’s advice is to wait for the children to start the unloading naturally.

but Xiaolei’s body is more and more heavy, and what she says is different. She has to have a caesarean section. In the end, she has no choice but to rely on him. As a result, the child’s development is not good, so she comes out and enters the ICU quickly. After a month’s treatment, the child was saved.

this is the most important, because the child itself is a little bit developed from a cell, why should pregnant women pay special attention to their own nutrition, as well as a variety of food intake? This is because of fear of affecting the child’s organ development.

the development of children’s hands, feet, brain and various organs needs to be absorbed by their mothers. Since 40 weeks is full-term, it shows that although 37 weeks is full-term, it is not really full-term. It is just that some babies’ physical development has been mature enough, or that the mother has some problems that lead to the children’s early start.

babies live in their mother’s womb for a long time in a greenhouse environment, but they have different adaptability to a strange environment after birth.

we all know that newborns are weak in all aspects, especially in resistance. Their sense organs are very strong because they are thin. Although babies born at 37 weeks are full-term, they are weak in environmental adaptation and air adaptation.

even serious will have a variety of stress diseases because of the room temperature maladjustment, and the 40 week old baby’s own adaptive ability has been more mature, can almost safely pass the newborn period.

this is also why many children are born full-term, but they are always weak in constitution. This is not because they are weak in constitution, but probably because they are weak in adaptability.

every newborn will cry when they are born, and this loud voice seems to say: “I’m coming!” But every baby’s cry is different, some strong and some weak.

in fact, this is not simply the sound size, but also a hint of the child’s lung development problems. Some studies have shown that the voice of 37 week old babies is generally small, while the voice of more than 40 week old babies is very loud.

this proves that it is necessary to take more than two months to develop in the mother’s stomach. After all, the development of the child’s lungs is very important, and poor organ development will affect the future.

pregnant mothers should pay attention to the fact that the normal mid-term of the baby is 40 weeks, but there is a continuation phenomenon, because very pregnant women are born at 41 weeks, but this is the latest. 42 weeks is called “overdue pregnancy”.

at this time, we must go to the hospital in time. Don’t wait at home to start the engine with the child, because it is very likely that the child can’t start the engine by himself. It is very likely that the fetus stops.

so we must see a doctor in time. If not, we should choose caesarean section. Therefore, it is not that the longer the baby stays in the mother’s stomach, the better. It is likely to lead to disaster. 08/16/2020