What’s the difference between first born boys and girls? Baoma compared four things and saw them very “heartbreaking”

In the past few years since the opening of the second child, many Baoma have joined this camp. Some of them are particularly satisfied with their children, some of them have two daughters and decide to “seal their stomachs”, and some of them are hesitant. < / P > < p > when Xiaohe got married, he was looking forward to having a daughter in the future. During the decoration, he painted the baby’s room pink and put some dolls to create a girl’s atmosphere. < / P > < p > my mother-in-law would come to ask her about her pregnancy reaction every other period of time. Coincidentally, the shape of Xiaohe’s stomach is sharp. My mother-in-law also said with some disappointment that she might be pregnant with a girl. < / P > < p > when everyone saw her pregnant daughter during pregnancy, Xiao He was happy, but when the baby was born, he was a “big fat boy”. < / P > < p > although the dream of the princess has been shattered, she still loves her son very much, but seeing that Baoma around her begins to have a second child, Xiaohe never has the courage to take this step. < / P > < p > observe the Baoma who has a second child and who can make a decision without hesitation. The eldest in the family is mostly a girl, not necessarily a son, but a lot of family life contrast. < / P > < p > the deputy director of China Youth Research Center said: Boys’ physical and psychological development is slower than girls, they are impulsive when they are young, and their self-control is poor. < / P > < p > therefore, no matter how many children you plan to have, if you have a first child, it will make your mother feel “troublesome”, not as simple as being naughty. In contrast, girls mature early, more intimate and sensible. < / P > < p > whether the first child is a son or a daughter indirectly determines whether the couple will have a second child. Having a daughter first, it doesn’t matter whether the second child is a man or a woman. If it’s a son, it’s hard to have the courage to raise two boys. < / P > < p > since his son was a child, there will be a kind of pressure. When he grows up, he wants to marry a daughter-in-law and buy a house. He hopes that he has the ability and success in his career, and places too much hope on his children. < / P > < p > she is also a girl. The elder sister will be more “powerful” than the younger sister. The elder sister will discipline her younger brother, who can endure hardships when he grows up, while the younger sister will be spoiled as a little princess. < / P > < p > if the mother-in-law’s family and husband especially like boys, but Baoma gives birth to a girl, the mother-in-law’s family will be unhappy and often “give birth” to a second child. In some families, the status of the daughter-in-law who gives birth to a boy is really different from that of the daughter-in-law who gives birth to a girl. < / P > < p > but then again, the difficulty of pregnancy is borne by oneself, and the pain of having a baby has nothing to do with others. Whether the first child is a boy or a girl, the decision-making power of the second child is still in Baoma herself. < / P > < p > 3-6 years old is the best time to cultivate children’s emotion and personality. No matter how many children, whether the second child is a brother or a brother, we can’t ignore the education of children. < / P > < p > with the help of picture books, parents can read and learn with their children. This set of picture books for emotion management and character cultivation is simple and can be told as short stories before the age of 3. Focus