What’s the difference between people who often stay up late? How long should I sleep for different age groups?

As we all know, staying up late consumes blood and damages the liver. In autumn, the five elements should be gold, and gold can conquer wood, while the liver five elements belong to wood, so the autumn Qi hurts the liver. At this time, nourishing yin and liver can’t be raised. If you still stay up late and hurt the liver, you simply don’t take life seriously.

therefore, the stronger the autumn is, the more attention should be paid to nourishing Yin Qi while accumulating Yang Qi, so that Yin can rise and yang can fall, and Yin and yang can be harmonious, so that autumn Qi can nourish you. On the contrary, if you often stay up late and lack of sleep, you will be welcomed by the spirit of killing in autumn.

when you feel tired, your body will naturally need carbohydrates to continue to work. After you stay up all night, not only do you need caffeine for support the next day, you also need a lot of sugar.

long term sleep deprivation can reduce leptin level, but increase ghrelin level, which makes you more hungry and fatter. Even if only one night’s sleep is not enough, it will also increase the level of hunger, making people more eager for high calorie, high carbohydrate food.

women are more likely to be affected by insufficient sleep than men. If women do not get enough sleep, they will be more irritable, angry and aggressive after getting up. Mainly due to hormonal fluctuations, women are also more prone to insomnia than men.

long term lack of sleep will also make people lack of alertness, shorten the time of concentration, make it difficult to maintain the state of concentration, make it difficult to multitask, and reduce the ability of verbal memory. After testing, people with chronic sleep deprivation have more cognitive problems in judgment and impulse control.

high quality sleep can make the immune system work normally. When we sleep, our immune system makes night rounds to see if there are pathogens in our bodies. When we sleep, our bodies clean up bacteria and viruses. If you sleep less than seven hours, you’re three times more likely to catch a cold.

in addition to hidden problems, poor sleep also has the most intuitive manifestation – it will make you ugly. Sarah Chalmers, 46, took part in an experiment at a sleep school in London, UK. What’s the difference between sleeping six hours for five consecutive days and sleeping eight hours? Take a look at the comparison:

a study in science, a top medical journal, shows that during sleep, the brain will turn on automatic cleaning to remove metabolic poisons, making people wake up with a fresh brain. If the lack of sleep, will affect the elimination of this metabolic poison, and then accelerate the aging of the brain, affect intelligence.

someone may ask: can I make up for it after I stay up late? Some people think: since staying up late is not good for sleeping well, then I’ll have a good sleep and wake up naturally.

people who sleep less than 6 hours, 6-7 hours, 8-9 hours and more than 9 hours per night have an increased risk of first cardiovascular event or death by 24%, 8%, 32% and 45%, respectively. It can be seen that too little or too much sleep is not good.

Why is sleeping more hurt? Sleep is Yang into Yin, and wake up is yang to separate from Yin, forced to sleep, will inhibit the growth of Yang in the daytime, people will become more lethargic.

the ancients divided the time of a day according to spring, summer, autumn and winter. The morning was spring, the middle of the day was summer, the sunset was autumn, and the midnight was winter. At this time, it is the best time to mobilize Yang Qi.

generally speaking, it is recommended to go to bed late and get up early in spring and summer, and it is recommended to get up at 5:00 ~ 6:00; it is recommended to go to bed early and get up late in autumn and winter, and it is recommended to get up at 6:00 ~ 7:00. In short, to catch up with the time of the stomach meridian, eat a hot breakfast.

if you don’t go to bed late, you should get up at the right time. If you are really sleepy, you can get up and exercise for 10-30 minutes, then have breakfast, and then lie down and go back to sleep. At this time, Yang Qi in the body has been generated, and the damage is not so great.

how long is the right time to sleep? The answers to this question are really varied. The National Sleep Foundation’s sleep guidelines provide different sleep guidelines for different age groups.

a new study released by the American Heart Association 2020 annual meeting also confirmed the above conclusion: too much or too little sleep is harmful to the heart, and people who sleep 7-8 hours a night have the lowest risk of heart disease or stroke.

therefore, for most people, it is better to sleep 7-8 hours a day. Do not sleep too long during the day, generally not more than 1 hour. Sleep is related to metabolism. Healthy lifestyle and positive emotions are conducive to the stability of various hormones in the human body, and also conducive to sleep.

some people sleep less than recommended for a long time, but they have higher quality sleep. Individual differences do exist. One measure of whether you get enough sleep is whether you feel awake, relaxed and energetic the next day.

some people seem to be energetic all day, but they often have some manic or depressive factors. They either can’t sleep or can’t sleep. Now more and more such people, liver blood consumption is not like words, empty fire straight out, spirit uneasy.

it is recorded that it is sour and flat in nature, and can cure insomnia due to gallbladder deficiency, palpitation, dysphoria, bone steaming and night sweats. Fried semen Ziziphi Spinosae has strong astringency and is mostly used for night sweats and insomnia; raw semen ziphi Spinosae can guide deficiency heat and is mainly used for insomnia, dreaminess and upset.

for the common situation of liver blood consumption in modern people, Doctor Li Wuji, a physical and mental expert of traditional Chinese medicine, took raw and cooked sour jujube kernel as the main ingredient, and combined with a diet therapy formula to tonify liver, blood and regulate sleep:

stir fried sour jujube kernel 9g, raw sour jujube kernel 9g, longan 3, big jujube 2, break them apart, add appropriate amount of water, everyone boil them, turn to low heat, cook them for 30 minutes, and then put in 3 chrysanthemums after turning off the fire.

the super simple formula can improve the insomnia surprisingly well, and the dry eye itching, burning and dizziness caused by staying up late can also be alleviated. Product R & D makes this tea recipe into a tea bag, which is more convenient for brewing and boiling. It’s a popular product of staying up late for insomnia Party’s unlimited re purchase.

saying that Shenman doesn’t want to sleep doesn’t mean that you should think of ways to make Shenman full, and then you don’t have to sleep. It is said that sleep is to nourish the spirit. To really improve the quality of sleep is to make the spirit stable and keep the spirit well. Suanzaoren longan tea can help you.

at any time of the day, if you feel headache, you can comb your hair with your fingers or a round and blunt comb. Your hair is the meeting of all Yang, which can make your head blood comfortable and make the whole person more energetic.

the best time to catch up: noon, i.e. 11:00 ~ 13:00. If you can, it’s only a few hours. If you don’t fall asleep, you can relax, breathe and sit still with eyes closed.

when you close your eyes and refresh your mind, you may shed tears and feel that the tears take away the toxin from the liver meridian. Sometimes you will twitch involuntarily. This is the body’s automatic adjustment. Just continue to relax and sit in silence.

besides rice soup, you can also have some tea. Too strong to sleep, a little light green tea, white tea are very good, accelerate metabolism, tea polyphenols also help eliminate free radicals produced by staying up late.

coffee is not so suitable. Although it tastes bitter and scorching, it is refreshing. In fact, it overdrafts your vitality. It is not recommended that people who stay up late consume it again.

if you have to stay up late often, in addition to refreshing, you also need to nourish your weak vitality. Black bean sesame walnut powder is very suitable to supplement energy after staying up late.

black rice: Buzhong Yiqi, runxinfei, Qianggu; black beans: Ziyin Bushen, Liangxue Buxue, runzaoshengjin; sesame: Bugan Shen, yijingxue; walnut: Jianpi Yiqi, Zishen Yijing; with the help of these plants, the deficiency caused by insomnia can be remedied in time. It is also a great salvation for friends who have Yin deficiency and Qi deficiency in their own constitution. If you have white hair, dark skin, shortness of breath, weakness and other problems, try to eat it for a month, and your spirit will be much better.

tonic is enough, but how can we make it moist? Black beans are the key. It not only dispels dampness and invigorates the spleen, but also keeps the spleen and stomach running. At the same time, it helps the body to discharge the water, dampness and turbidity that it wants. In this way, the nourishing energy can be absorbed and transported to avoid greasy stagnation and dampness.

Finally, Lycium barbarum. It’s very good to use here. It is sweet in taste and flat in nature, and has the effect of Tonifying the liver and kidney. It is said that “it can strengthen the muscles and bones for a long time, lighten the body, and endure cold and heat.” Traditional Chinese medicine often uses it to treat liver and kidney yin deficiency, waist and knee soreness, dizziness, forgetfulness, dizziness, dizziness, tears, thirst, spermatorrhea, etc.

so for people who often lose their Qi and blood and are easy to get angry, this kind of powder is to prolong their life. Invigorating the spleen and kidney, tonifying qi and blood, moistening but not dryness, tonifying but not fire, the key is to tonify the essence of the viscera, not fat, not meat, and you can eat with ease.

after all, it’s the top four compatible powder! Peace and nourishment, suitable for all ages, as breakfast drinks, afternoon tea, night meals are excellent. If you have to stay up late, it’s suggested that you keep it on a regular basis to replenish your vitality so that your internal organs won’t be too hurt.

However, black bean sesame powder is good. Don’t regard it as coffee or energy drink. This powder won’t make you energetic immediately and can continue to kill all sides. Things that are too fast won’t last long. Its love for you is quiet and gentle. It nourishes you with all its energy so that you can love the world better. Focus