What’s the difference between people with big and small buttocks? There are obvious differences in this aspect, which many people don’t know

An epidemic has taught us to stay at home. What impact might it have on us at home? The improvement of cooking skills? Is the relationship between husband and wife warming up? No, it could be a bigger butt. After eating, more and more people sit on the sofa and continue to chase dramas and play games. The first is weight gain, and the second is sitting there all the time getting bigger.

in order to have a cocky buttock, many people have begun to practice squatting crazily at home and punch in every day just to make their buttocks cocky. Although the buttocks may not change from big to small, they may become warped, and although they are similar in size, they are very different in health.

this figure is relatively common in life. It’s like a pear. The upper part of the body is thin and the waist is thin. But when it comes to the hips, it begins to get bigger and wider, and the thighs are also very plump. This type of figure, generally is the buttock big person, the buttock is fuller, the thigh and the buttock are very easy to accumulate fat.

this is a big belly. The main body shape feature is fat accumulation in the waist and abdomen. The shoulders are not very narrow, and the waist circumference is very wide, even more than the hip circumference, so the buttocks are generally not big.

women of this figure are generally well proportioned, and their buttocks are not big or small, which is very suitable. They look very comfortable on the whole. Even if their weight is a little higher, they may look thinner when they are with girls of other sizes. This is what people often say. Meat is obedient and grows where it should be.

this figure is the envy of all women. Although the buttocks are big, they are very shapeable. The S-shaped curve, the chest is plump, the waist is very thin, and the buttocks and legs are in the right meat feeling, but they are not fat.

among these figures, it can be analyzed that pear shaped and hourglass shaped figures are more likely to have big buttocks and plump. In fact, simply looking at the size of the numerical value, there is no practical significance, and it is not that big buttocks mean fat, small buttocks mean thin, but there is a basis to follow.

under normal circumstances, the difference between big buttocks and small buttocks is the obvious difference of waist hip ratio.

a large number of studies have shown that there is a lot of meat in the waist and abdomen, which is not conducive to health, and even a dangerous signal. Compared with people with more hips and legs, people with more waist circumference are more likely to block blood vessels, leading to vascular disease or “three heights”.

in addition, people with low waist to hip ratio have bigger hips, which is why hourglass women are more attractive. Although big buttocks are not in line with the public’s aesthetic, but for health, there may be more benefits of bigger buttocks.

according to the research, when the body weight is in the normal range, it not only reduces the probability of cardiovascular and cerebrovascular diseases, reduces the risk of vascular blockage, but also reduces the probability of diabetes, and the blood lipid and metabolic levels are normal.

even when sitting at home, don’t cross your legs or lean forward too hard. This may affect the normal shape of the pelvis. In the long run, it will cause the pelvis to expand or lean forward, which is more likely to accumulate fat, and eventually lead to the buttocks becoming fat rather than firm.

if you eat high calorie food for a long time, it’s easy to accumulate fat in your buttocks and legs. If you stay in the office for a long time, not only your buttocks and legs, but also your waist and abdomen will pose a great threat to your health.

in order not to make your buttocks look flat, the best way is to do more shaping buttocks exercise to help your buttocks look straight and beautiful.

Finally, having a straight butt is not only helpful for our health, but also can shape our good-looking curves and make us more fit. So don’t be lazy, for the sake of good-looking buttocks move up. Cai Shaofen stopped pregnancy for the first time. The 4 indexes on the B-ultrasound sheet in the early pregnancy were used to see whether the fetal development was good or not