What’s the situation of cats and cats not eating or drinking for 2 days

Cats are usually quite delicious, but suddenly they don’t eat or drink for two days. There must be some reason. At this time, the owner should not be too anxious. First, analyze the reason for this situation, and then deal with it. Otherwise, the cat will affect its health and even gradually become thin. Here we are By analyzing the reasons why cats don’t eat or drink and the solutions, we hope to help the same confused owners:

the food fed to cats should be rich in nutrition and balanced in nutrition. They refuse to eat single cat food for a long time, or the prepared food does not conform to the cat’s stomach, or the food goes bad, and the cat will smell it and go away. It is so willful that it doesn’t feel fresh At this time, the owner should check whether the food is fresh, and prepare more supplementary food to feed the cat, and change the way to prepare food for the cat, which may restore the cat’s appetite.

the cat may be caused by indigestion. Some owners dote on the cat and are afraid that the cat can’t eat enough, so they often give the cat excessive or improper feeding, resulting in the cat unable to digest the food, resulting in the cat’s loss of appetite and stomach distension. It is suggested that the owner should feed the cat some meow Xiaoli to supplement the digestive enzymes needed by the cat And beneficial bacteria, promote the cat’s appetite, at the same time, the owner should develop a regular and quantitative diet habits, do not let the cat overeat.

cats like to lick their hair and comb themselves, and dead hair will also be licked into the stomach. For a long time, hair accumulates in the cat’s intestines and stomach to form a hairball, which is what we call globosis. Because the hair ball in the cat’s stomach can not be discharged, there is no appetite, no spirit, vomiting, constipation, etc., the owner must take timely treatment at this time, and feed the cat some cat grass or meow fun ball hair cream in time.

Finally, the cat may be related to oestrus. The owner can observe the cat’s symptoms, and then take corresponding measures to help the cat. If it is caused by illness, more care should be given to the cat.