When a 67 year old woman gives birth and her child is about to turn one year old, she will ask her parents and 40 year old daughter to visit her

Ms. Tian has also become “the oldest natural pregnant woman in China”. The old couple think that the child is “a gift from heaven”, and the child is named “Huang Tianci” after birth. < / P > < p > both of them are retired, and both of them are full-time at home to look after their children. Ms. Tian is 68 years old, but she is strong and has enough milk, so she has been breastfeeding. < / P > < p > after Xiao Tianci was born, reporters kept interviewing her. Huang Weiping, aunt Tian’s wife, kept explaining to the media that she could take good care of the child. < / P > < p > the biggest risk of elderly mothers is various complications during pregnancy. Pregnant women and fetuses will have great risks, such as pregnancy induced hypertension, preeclampsia and other diseases. As elderly mothers are older, they may also face some adverse consequences after delivery, such as possible postpartum infection and postpartum anemia. Elderly mothers are older, and their physical strength is not as good as that of right age mothers, which is easy to cause physical weakness. < / P > < p > in today’s society, raising children is not a small expense. However, Mr. Huang Weiping is a lawyer. Now he works full-time at home with his children. He has stopped taking cases. His pension is more than 10000 per month. Fortunately, there is no pressure on him economically. < / P > < p > it’s easy to have children and difficult to raise them, especially when children are faced with educational problems such as homework after school. Now many young families can’t afford to educate their children. Parents in their 70s are afraid that they will only have “spare heart but not enough strength”. When their children are in junior high school and high school, they have already entered the “year of the stick”, and their children are likely to rely on their own ability. < / P > < p > finally, I would like to suggest that “Lao laizi” seems to be a wonderful thing, but behind the scenes, there are many problems worthy of our consideration. We should consider many aspects, which is the performance of being responsible for the family and children. Privacy Policy