When a baby girl was born, she was only 25cm, breaking the world record. What happened to her

With tens of billions of money, can parents help their children buy a smart mind? Can’t do it! Wisdom is not the result of wealth or fortune in the world. It is the result of accumulating more fortune. ——Nan Huaijin < / P > < p > Nan Huaijin said that parents’ wealth can’t be exchanged for a smart mind for their children. More than that, parents’ wealth can’t be exchanged for a healthy body for their children. Just like Amelia, a baby girl, she was only 25 cm when she was born. Her height even broke the world record, and her parents can’t buy her a normal baby with money The height and weight of the baby, and her health, Amelia. What happened to her? < / P > < p > Amelia’s parents are ordinary young people with healthy physique. However, Amelia was only 25 cm when she was born in 2006. Because Amelia is a very premature child, her close contact with her mother is much less than ordinary people. When her mother was pregnant with amelia, she unfortunately suffered from arteritis, which was a very common disease, As long as you take some medicine, pay attention to daily life and diet, you can cure it. However, because Amelia’s mother is pregnant, the nature of the disease has changed. With the change of Amelia’s mother’s disease, the doctor is worried and puts forward a suggestion to Amelia’s mother: wait until Amelia is seven or eight months old to have an operation and give birth to Amelia And then begin to cure the arteritis. Amelia’s mother agreed and stayed at home to get pregnant, waiting for Amelia to come. < / P > < p > it’s just that the weather fails. Amelia’s mother’s arteritis is becoming more and more serious. If it is not treated in time, it is likely to lead to Amelia’s mother’s amputation. The doctor immediately decides to operate on Amelia’s mother, but at this time, Amelia in her stomach is still a healthy fetus. Obviously, if the arteritis operation is carried out directly, The harm to Amelia was huge. The doctor made a bold decision to deliver Amelia first. < / P > < p > at that time, Amelia was only about 21 weeks old. Although Amelia was growing vigorously in her mother’s womb, it was difficult to guarantee that if Amelia was delivered early, she would be in danger of life because she did not adapt to the new environment. But at that time, Amelia’s mother had no choice. If she didn’t have an operation as soon as possible, Amelia would die with her. At 21 weeks, she had a caesarean section, and Amelia came to this world. < / P > < p > when the nurse recorded the height and weight of Amelia, she found that the baby was only 25cm, which was the youngest she had ever seen. Amelia, who had just been delivered to the world, had difficulty breathing, and had to rely on the ventilator in the hospital to breathe smoothly. Fortunately, Amelia seemed to like the world very much, and she was trying to learn to adapt to the world for a while Time will be able to breathe skillfully, and Amelia’s mother has cured her arteritis. They can give all their attention to the 25 cm baby. < / P > < p > Amelia was taken good care of by the medical staff in the hospital, and her parents paid close attention to her all the time. Gradually, Amelia grew tall day by day. The hospital recorded Amelia’s growth track and gave it to her parents, telling them that Amelia was trying to grow up. Although she was still a small one now, she would be like Pu in the future Like a child, grow up healthily and become a beautiful girl. < / P > < p > when Amelia was just born, it can be said that she was on the verge of life and death. Maybe her organs were not fully developed and she had to face the world, but Amelia did not give up her life. Her parents also gave her careful care, which made Amelia feel her parents’ love and live bravely. Amelia’s tenacious vitality It’s amazing. 08/17/2020