When a child is born, how much is the wisest? Brain doctor: close to this number is not low

I don’t know when, more and more people find that newborns have “giant babies” more and more frequently, and many mothers can only choose “forward planning” in the end. < / P > < p > some people say that the growing number of newly born children is mainly related to the diet of pregnant mothers during pregnancy. Now the quality of life of Chinese people is getting higher and higher, and the diet of ordinary people has achieved a steady increase, let alone pregnant mothers with babies. < p > < p > Xiaoling weighs 150 Jin. When she was just pregnant, the doctor advised her to eat less during pregnancy to avoid gestational diabetes mellitus or other pregnancy syndrome. In addition, it was also to ensure the stable development of the fetus and avoid the occurrence of macrosomia. < p > < p > after 37 weeks of physical examination, Xiaoling’s weight has grown to 180 kg, but fortunately, the baby’s weight is controlled at about 7 kg, and her limbs are well developed. Therefore, Xiaoling naturally chooses to have a natural birth and thinks that she has no problem. However, when she was about to give birth, the doctor felt that Xiaoling was too heavy. In addition, she was nearly 30 years old. She might not be allowed to have a natural birth physically. Finally, she recommended a cesarean section. < / P > < p > if the birth is really natural, a child of this age must not be easy to have a child, and is likely to suffer twice. It’s good to hear that the doctor has chosen a caesarean section, otherwise the consequences will be disastrous. < p > < p > of course, for their parents, safe birth is the greatest blessing, but soon after, Xiaoling found that the baby has one ear can’t hear. < / P > < p > many people think that the greater the weight of a newborn, the higher their intelligence, because they think that a large weight is a good performance of brain development. If the brain is well developed, the intelligence can’t be reduced. Is this really the case? < / P > < p > Chinese parents and the elderly all like “big fat boys”. When their children are heavy, they think that these children are lucky when they are born, and they will certainly be blessed in the future. However, if they are too heavy, the situation may be different. < p > < p > it has been confirmed by brain doctors that the weight of a newborn between 6 and 8 Jin is normal, and the intelligence development of about 7 Jin is the best. If your baby’s weight is close to this number, it means that their intellectual development will be better. However, if the weight exceeds 8 Jin, the brain development will show a downward trend. However, this is only the performance of the data, the specific still needs to see how parents cultivate. After all, IQ problems can also be strengthened through nurture. Good family education is more important than the weight at birth, so novice parents need not worry too much. However, for pregnant mothers, too much weight during pregnancy does have some disadvantages and has a lot of bad effects on the baby, so we’d better avoid these problems. < / P > < p > first of all, if the pregnant mother’s weight is too large, the doctor will recommend that the pregnant mother choose caesarean section. At this time, there are many dangers in natural childbirth. If there is massive bleeding, the situation of pregnant mother will be in danger. < / P > < p > secondly, if the pregnant mother is too heavy, the stretch marks on her belly may not be repaired for a lifetime. Generally speaking, stretch marks are caused by the rapid expansion of the skin. If the weight becomes too fast, the color of the stretch marks will be relatively dark, and it will be very difficult to remove them later. < / P > < p > in addition, the weight of pregnant women during pregnancy is large, which may mean that the weight of the baby is also relatively large. There was a woman in Australia who gave birth to a 36 Jin baby. When the baby was born, all the staff were surprised, but it was normal to think about it later, because the pregnant mother had already weighed 23 Jin. < / P > < p > but for babies, too much weight also has many hidden dangers. For example, gene mutation caused by over nutrition, obesity after growing up and so on, these are very dangerous. < / P > < p > to control diet, we must communicate with the elderly at home. We should not eat too much during pregnancy. We should ensure basic nutrition every day, and we can eat some extra fruits and coarse grains. < / P > < p > never eat big fish and meat every day. Even for the sake of the baby’s good, the fetus can’t absorb too much heat, and the fetus can only grow on the pregnant woman. < / P > < p > therefore, it’s better not to change your diet after pregnancy. You can also eat some foods with strong satiety, such as potatoes and taro, which are good choices. < / P > < p > in general, only the first three months after pregnancy need to pay more attention. After the fetus is stable, the pregnant mother can rest assured and do more exercise at ordinary times. < / P > < p > if you only spend time in bed every day, your weight will naturally grow, and with the gradual growth of the fetus, your temperament will become more and more lazy, which is not conducive to fetal development. < p > < p > therefore, you still need to keep exercising after pregnancy. Yoga, swimming, moderate stretching can be used, but be careful not to overdo, everything should be moderate. Therefore, it is necessary to control the weight during pregnancy. The most important thing is to control the diet and exercise properly. As long as we can persist, the fetus will be very healthy. < / P > < p > I can answer your questions about children’s psychology, education and personality. I hope my suggestions can help you, so that every baby can grow up healthily. Focus