When a child is old, he needs to think about his life. What rumors do you believe in about sterilization?

As the excrement shoveling officer, we all care about the old father and mother. When the children reach the right age, they can’t consider their life-threatening affairs. Compared with finding a suitable one, the excrement shoveling officer is more worried about finding the wrong one. Therefore, sterilizing pets is also included in the plan list of shoveling officials. What are the rumors about sterilization?

for many excrement removal officers who have not taken their pets to the hospital for treatment, sterilization as an operation sounds quite frightening. Does it cost thousands of times? Therefore, many excrement removal officials do not want to take dogs to sterilization, and the price is their concern.

because of the heavier weight of large dogs, the dosage of drugs required will be larger, and the price will naturally be higher than that of small dogs. The reason for the price difference is that male and female dogs have different sterilization methods.

male dogs need testicular extirpation. The operation is relatively simple, takes less time and recovers quickly after operation. Female dogs need to undergo open surgery to remove the ovaries. The operation method is relatively complex, takes a long time and recovers slowly after operation.

generally speaking, the price difference of dog sterilization surgery is mainly reflected in the influence of preoperative examination, operation cost and drug dosage.

many dogs have become fat after sterilization, but the reason for this phenomenon is not simply sterilization. First of all, the hormone level in the body of the sterilized dog is affected, which is more likely to gain weight than before, but this is not absolute. If the scientific feeding and reasonable exercise amount are followed after the operation, it is no problem to maintain a healthy body shape.

some officials who sterilize their dogs also hope to change their character. In fact, the dog’s character will be affected by many factors, such as breed, the living environment after tomorrow and the character of the excrement removing officer. There is no evidence to show that sterilization can change the character of dogs.

in fact, this is also normal. Within 1-3 months after the removal of testicles in male dogs, there may be residual androgens in the body, so dogs stimulated by these hormones will still have estrus phenomenon, but at this time they have no fertility, so the impact is not great.

if a female dog with ovaries and uterus has been removed, it is necessary to consider whether it is due to incomplete surgery or other diseases.

Finally, veterinarian Xiao Ming should remind us that although sterilization is a routine operation, in order to ensure the quality of surgery and the health of dogs, we must choose a regular pet hospital.