When a person drinks, his face will be red? The doctor reminds: 3 kinds of disease also easier to find a door, early prevention

Three cups do not pour, young and virtuous, wine does not touch, friendship is not heavy. The Mid Autumn Festival is coming soon, and the business in the hotel is booming again. In my opinion, there are only two kinds of culture on the wine table: toasting and toasting. It’s good to drink a little wine properly to cultivate sentiment and promote the feelings between friends and family.

some people drink wine upside down, but there is no response from several bottles of wine. They wish a box of wine sublimates in the taste buds. Some people take a sip gently, but how did they go to the head? It’s clear that they haven’t had two sips, and their faces have been flushed. What’s going on?

we often hear people who advise people to drink: I know you can drink it. Don’t hide it. People who blush are big drinkers. It is said that people who drink and blush are good drinkers, but in fact they are not. If the level of alcohol and facial expression has something to do with it, where can there be so many drunk people?

after alcohol enters the human body, its destination is to reach the liver and kidney. The two parts produce two different digestive enzymes to help the body metabolize. To break down and metabolize the toxic substances in alcohol, the first enzyme helps to transform them into harmful substances and dilate blood vessels.

after vasodilation, the blood flow speed will be increased, and the heart rate will jump faster, just like a deer bumping around. When the blood comes to your face, you will blush. The second digestive enzyme is to help the body into harmless substances through the urine excretion.

after drinking wine, urine will occur within one hour. The second digestive enzyme has completed its work, and all toxic substances have been eliminated. After drinking the wine, both digestive enzymes are involved in the reaction, but in normal people, the second enzyme is more than the first, and the face naturally will not change.

it’s not a good sign to blush after drinking wine. Toxins are accumulated in the body. If you are used to drinking alcohol for a long time, the pathological changes of the liver are imminent, and liver cancer will break out if you are not careful. Alcohol that is not metabolized in time can also cause poisoning, fainting, etc.

if there are people who blush after drinking, it’s better to persuade them to drink less. Otherwise, the body’s metabolic capacity is poor, the role of digestive enzymes is not obvious, the body will be prone to serious diseases. The burden of alcohol on the body, health will pull the security line.

the first disease is Alzheimer’s disease. The occurrence of this disease is related to various factors, but the toxin in the body that blushes after drinking alcohol will flow into the blood. Blood does not have any detoxification and detoxification function. When the normal participation in the systemic circulation reaches the brain, it will imperceptibly affect the normal function and cause dementia.

the second disease is gastric cancer. Alcohol for gastric stimulation is more obvious, long-term drinking will not exercise the strengthening function of the stomach, plus drinking blush will let the toxin return to the stomach. A long time will cause chronic damage to the stomach, leaving hidden dangers for future cancer.

the third disease is hypertension. Many patients know that hypertension and alcohol insulation, but can not resist the temptation to occasionally drink two cups is also a happy thing. If a person blushes after drinking alcohol, it will accelerate the rise of blood pressure and cause accidents.

drinking depends on one’s face, not everyone is suitable for drinking. Doctors suggest that in addition to alcohol allergy, people who blush after drinking must pay more attention to drinking. If you drink every day, if you don’t stop drinking for a long time, the consequences can’t be imagined. I’m afraid that when I see you again, I’m already sick. Home