When a woman begins to grow old, there may be five “ugly faces”. If not, congratulations on your youth

I believe that speaking of aging, for many female friends, are very afraid, do not want to find their own premature aging, so at ordinary times pay great attention to maintenance.

for female friends, aging is also an inevitable thing. Moreover, when they begin to age, it’s not just a matter of long spots and wrinkles. They often have the following ugly looks. I hope women can pay special attention to them.

hair loss. For female friends, after aging, there will be hair loss, in fact, this is also an important signal of kidney failure. Chinese medicine holds that “the essence of kidney qi lies in hair”, so after the age, the decline of Kidney Qi will also affect the nourishment of hair and the problem of hair loss. This is also a big sign of aging.

teeth get longer. When female friends get older, the gap between their teeth will become larger, which is also a big signal of female aging. When women get older, their gums will shrink and their teeth will become longer, so they should pay attention to maintenance at ordinary times. If you don’t have it, congratulations. It means that you are still very young.

enlarged nostrils. I believe many women want to have a straight and visible nose, which can show their personal charm. However, as they get older, collagen will gradually lose, and the cartilage supporting the nose will degenerate. In this way, the nose will collapse, and the nostrils will become larger. This is also a big signal of aging. We should pay attention to maintenance at ordinary times.

buttocks down. As women get older, their buttocks will get bigger. This is because as they get older, their metabolic rate will drop, toxins will not be discharged in time, and their buttocks muscles will gradually relax and deform, which will lead to the problem of buttocks sagging. Therefore, at ordinary times, we should also pay attention to regulating diet and exercise.

not flexible. As the saying goes: “old leg prophet”, so when women begin to grow old, they often have inflexible legs and feet, and when they walk, they also have leg pain, which is a big signal of aging. We should also pay attention to supplement calcium and strengthen bones. If you don’t have it, Congratulations, indicating that you are still very young.

so when women begin to age, they often have the above ugliness. If you don’t have it, it means that they maintain themselves well. For some women who run four or five, they should also learn to adjust a reasonable and balanced diet, which may help to resist the arrival of aging. Let’s get to know.

Dendrobium officinale. Dendrobium officinale is helpful in maintaining the skin. It can help nourish the ovary, promote the excretion of toxins, regulate the endocrine balance in the body. At the same time, it can also enhance the skin elasticity, make women’s skin more delicate and tight, and add points for their own women.

apricot meat. The nutritional value of apricot meat is very high, which can help to improve the problem of eye fatigue. At the same time, it can also reduce the generation of wrinkles and spots, make women’s skin more compact and younger than their peers.

zaojiaomi. Zaojiao rice is rich in nutrients, including collagen and a variety of vitamins. It can help women supplement natural estrogen, nourish ovaries, promote toxin excretion, delay aging, keep women young and achieve reverse growth.

pomegranate. Pomegranate taste sweet, and has a strong antioxidant effect, especially the ellagic acid, can help nourish the skin, improve skin elasticity, reduce wrinkles, color spots, let your skin become more delicate, more feminine charm.

black sugar. Black sugar can help nourish the ovary, warm the uterus and dispel cold, accelerate the excretion of toxins and dirty blood in the body, improve skin elasticity, accelerate the metabolism of skin cells, and make your skin more delicate and tight. Therefore, women often eat it, which can tighten the skin and add points for femininity.

salmon. Salmon can help to moisten and moisturize the skin, lock the moisture of the skin, improve the elasticity of the skin, reduce the generation of wrinkles and spots, and the astaxanthin formed can also keep the skin from the damage of ultraviolet rays, make your skin more compact and delicate, and keep young. CUISINE&HEALTH