When a woman is old, her head will show four flaws. If not, congratulations on the good maintenance

Aging is fair to all people in the world, and everyone is bound to experience it. Aging will make our body function decline, will make our skin become worse and worse, wrinkles, spots, skin relaxation phenomenon. < / P > < p > in addition to time will make us old, in fact, bad living habits and irregular diet are also easy to make our skin accelerate aging and make the skin state not beautiful. Therefore, if you want to keep young and full skin, you should pay more attention to all kinds of living habits in life and make yourself more and more beautiful. < / P > < p > if you usually look in the mirror and find that the gap between your teeth is getting larger and larger, and you often plug the gap between your teeth when you eat, this is also a phenomenon of aging. This is because the loss of collagen leads to the relaxation of gums, which makes the gap between your teeth getting larger and larger. When you have this problem, you should pay more attention to it. Maybe you have entered the aging stage ahead of time State. < / P > < p > usually, I don’t pay attention to my hair. I feel that I’m vigorous. I can slowly feel that my hair is everywhere in my home. The toilet, living room, bedroom and balcony are full of hair. In fact, it’s not unexplained hair loss, it’s a signal that women begin to age. < / P > < p > hair also needs the nutrition of collagen. Without the nutrition of collagen, the hair will become white and soft, and there may be a lot of hair loss. Once you feel that your hair loss is abnormal, you should find a way to regulate it in time. < / P > < p > have you ever seen grannies in their 70s and 80s whose face is particularly loose? Have you ever seen them fear this “nightmare” of skin relaxation after thinking about themselves? The main reason for skin relaxation is the loss of too much collagen and elastic protein. If the skin lacks support and elasticity, it will become loose. < / P > < p > once women have skin relaxation problems early, it means that aging has come to you, the skin is no longer young, and the skin is no longer q-bomb. < / P > < p > the generation of wrinkles is the lack of collagen, so that the skin is not tight, become relaxed and tension-free, wrinkles will appear, the most obvious meaning of wrinkles is that you are old, no longer beautiful. < / P > < p > when you find that you have some small fine lines, you should start to maintain yourself. Timely stop loss is the king’s way. Supplement collagen to make your skin return to a tight state. < / P > < p > the natural collagen egg here refers to the selenium rich liquid peptide. The collagen peptide and elastin peptide contained in the selenium rich liquid peptide are from deep-sea fish. They are small molecular peptide bonds, which can directly affect the skin and restore the support and elasticity of the skin. They contain the unique moisturizing factor of fish, which can not only replenish water, but also lock water and make the skin more comfortable Water moistening q-bomb, more young and beautiful. Your name will always exist on the Internet