When a woman is over 30 years old, she should remember “3 no” when applying the mask, otherwise, the expensive mask will be wasted.

daily application mask is an indispensable part of our skin care process. There are many functions and methods of using mask. If sisters think that mask can only replenish water and apply it directly to the face, it will be completely mistaken. Especially after a 30 year old woman put on a mask, remember the following three do not, otherwise expensive mask is also a waste! The

mask is applied to our face, creating a space to temporarily isolate the air from the skin. Therefore, during the application of the mask, our skin absorbs more quickly, and the pores are open and the skin is fragile. It is very important to choose the right time to apply the mask and use the mask correctly. Following these three mistakes, I hope you will not do it again, or you will easily hurt your face. < / P > < p > now a very popular skin care work is called exfoliation. It is to use Exfoliating Gel to help our face peel off too many aging cuticles and make the skin look more delicate and smooth. The skin will become more clear after going to the keratin, and there is almost no dirt in the pores. Therefore, applying the mask after finishing the cutin will have better maintenance effect. But if we change the order of these two skin care tasks, the results will be too different.

before exfoliating, our face has a lot of skin grease and crumbs. Even after cleansing, it will remain in Mao Kongzhong. At this time, applying the mask will accumulate a lot of dirty dirt in the pores, and the absorption of the essence in the mask will also be greatly reduced. In the long run, it will also make pores bigger and black.

exfoliation work is not required every day, but the frequency of the mask is much higher. So once again, once the exfoliation work is applied, the mask can make our skin better absorb the nutrition of the mask. Still have a lot of sisters very doubt, after all should clean face exfoliate or clean before exfoliation? The correct way is to exfoliate after cleansing, wash off the dust attached to the face, and then exfoliate will be more thorough.

is very important to note that not all skin is suitable for exfoliating work, especially sensitive skin. After applying to the keratin, there will be a tingling sensation on the mask, which will reduce the resistance of the skin. Sensitive skin women usually use mask to pay attention to the use of refreshing moisturizing, so that we can better achieve the skin care effect.

many of the sisters have shown that they can’t go to bed directly after applying the mask before going to bed. If you have this habit, you will get up on the second morning and find that your face is particularly greasy. The reason is that the essence of each mask is more than the disposable absorption of our skin, and the essence of the mask is very high. When our skin absorbs the saturation, we must wash away the excess essence to keep the pores smooth.

, especially women with oily skin, must wash their face after finishing the mask. The excess essence has no way to be absorbed by the skin again. If it remains on the face, it will only clog up the pores and increase the respiratory pressure of the skin. Serious words, may produce pimples, acne and other skin problems.

mask is only an intermediate work in our skin care process. After finishing the mask, we need to wash away the excess essence remaining on the face, so that the skin after the nutrition is completely refreshed and breathable. But after washing face, our skin will lose a certain amount of water, so follow-up also wipe water emulsion, for water maintenance.

has a very important little detail that we need to massage our face after washing the face after applying the mask. On the one hand, it can promote the absorption of the excess essence, and on the other hand, it can relieve facial fatigue and keep the essence liquid locked in the skin. Gently grinding according to the outline of your face can make the mask absorb better.

the evening mask is actually a golden prime time. The best time for dressing is eight to ten o’clock. Our skin and the natural body metabolism rate is similar, the human body after eight o’clock, slowly will enter the low metabolism resting state. At this time the facial skin respiration rate will gradually reduce, if the ten point after the application of mask, it will make the skin metabolism pressure.

many working party women have to stay up all night. If sleeping late every day is unavoidable, it is highly recommended that you apply the mask before ten o’clock, so as to better play the nutrition function of the essence of the mask. High concentration or functional facial mask after ten o’clock will easily make the skin oily and dark. It will not only fail to protect the skin, but also make our skin more and more old.

application is not done every day. If you can’t settle down before ten o’clock, try not to apply the mask on this day. Taking ten o’clock as the boundary point is the prime time and the traffic accident period of our mask. When a woman stays up late, the woman who applies the mask will make her skin metabolize, and the pressure will be bigger and bigger. The most obvious thing is that the skin will become greasy and the secretion of water and oil is out of order. It looks very old.

after 30 years of age, women must maintain perfect skin care. The wrong mask will make you age faster. When you apply the mask in the evening, you must observe the best time of using the mask. The general mask is enough for 15 to 20 minutes. When the time is over, the skin will become edema or greasy. The use of a good mask is also a waste. Do you remember it?

over the age of 30 women mask, especially remember the above three do not, otherwise good mask also can not play the role, the skin will become more and more aging! Focus