When a woman is over 35 years old, she must remember “3 no” when applying the mask, otherwise the mask that is expensive is also a waste.

Women’s skin care work must not be less, especially with the growth of age, the speed of skin aging is far greater than the speed of nutrition supplement. Therefore, more and more women are beginning to find the importance of applying facial mask. The rescue skin care effect makes mask become an indispensable part of skin care performance. But after a 35 year old woman put on a mask, we must remember that these three do not, otherwise expensive mask is also in vain!

many people have a lot of criticism about the effect of the mask, not only is it necessary to use a good mask, but how to use the mask is also very critical. Mask is divided into smearing and wet compress, different mask usage and effect are different, but cannot do without the three mentioned in the small editor. Let’s take a look together!

first is the frequency of the mask, the most taboo is to apply the mask every day. This problem involves our skin tolerance, referring to the skin’s connection to the external nutrition. Degree of acceptance. According to the different skin types of our skin, tolerance is also different. Generally, oily skin girls are well tolerated, so the application of some functional facial mask is good, but it still can not be applied every day.

mask as a supplement to the skin care products, effective, good results, to achieve these effects are due to the essence of the mask is more ingredients, one-time supplement of three days of skin care ingredients, so the skin can instantly improve, but women over 35 years old skin can bear the nutrition is very limited, if deposited every day, it will cause a lot of pressure on the skin. power.

for skin tolerance is not very strong sensitive muscle, daily mask application will reduce resistance, and it is more susceptible to allergies when receiving external stimuli. Oily skin daily mask is more likely to be out of the acne. The application of the mask is effective, but it should be treated with an appropriate amount of daily mask.

according to the new supersedes the old. The cycle of skin turnover is 2 to 3 days, so it is enough to apply a mask at this time interval. Every time the mask is applied to the skin, the time for skin digestion and operation can make the nutrition in the mask better replenish the skin. So mask must not be applied every day, not only without effect, but also damage the skin.

in modern society, women’s skin problems are more and more diverse. The most common skin problems are color spots, dark circles and pores. And these skin problems are inseparable from staying up late. Because of the pressure of work or study, contemporary women cannot do without the bad habit of staying up late, so they want to save some skin problems by using some expensive facial mask. But actually, applying the mask is very wrong when you stay up late.

skin is very tired at the time of staying up late. The pressure of skin metabolites increases and skin resistance is poor. At this time, some functional or nutritious mask will bring great pressure to the pores. When the skin is over 35 years old, the skin resistance is bad. This mask can not only help the skin restore health, but also easily cause edema and skin. Excessive wet water.

general beauticians recommend that we apply the mask before going to bed, because the pressure of the skin is small during the rest period. If you sleep late every night, don’t apply the mask before going to bed. During the rest time, the skin will also suffer too much nutrition absorption. The skin resistance of the long-term fatigue state is naturally poor, and it is very easy to senility.

if you are also a late night sleeping type, then the best time to apply the mask is after bathing. The pores of our skin will be opened after the hot bath. At this time, the mask can promote the absorption of the essence. Of course, the bath time can not be too late, otherwise there is no difference between the application of the mask and the application of the mask.

is the time to control the mask. We will find that most of the facial mask is prescribed for 15 to 20 minutes, but there is still a lot of residual essence remaining in the mask every time. The time of applying the mask is not too long for the most scientific mask. Otherwise, the skin will be in a wet state for a long time. It will easily dilate the skin or clog the pores.

most of the essence of the mask packaging content is more than the disposable absorption of the skin. The remaining essence of the mask paper can be used to wipe the neck or wipe the arm, minus the amount of body milk. When the skin is applied to the mask, it is in an anaerobic state. In a relatively closed wet compress space, the absorption efficiency of the skin will reach a peak, but this time is controlled for 15 to 20 minutes. Enough time is too long. The essence will not be absorbed more. Instead, the skin will be in a state of too much oxygen, which will affect the skin health very much.

most people love to do other things when they apply the mask. They often forget to apply the mask for a long time. For this situation, we recommend that the alarm clock be set up. The scientific way of applying the mask must pay attention to the time of use. Otherwise, it will not only have no effect, but it will plug up the pores and increase the pressure of the skin.

often forget to tear the mask of the sisters, we must remember to set the time, do not let the skin for a long time in the wet compress of the state of hypoxia. If the rest of the essence is thrown away directly and wasted, it can be applied to other parts of the body. The effect is not much different from that of the body milk. And Xiaobian suggested that the sisters wash their faces after finishing the mask, because the residual essence will not be absorbed again, but on the skin will feel sticky and clogged pores. After cleaning the remaining essence, then apply some subsequent skin care products, so that the effect of applying the mask can reach the extreme! Focus