When a woman is young, she becomes a “yellow faced woman”. There are five reasons why you should avoid it early

Beauty is the nature of women. Every woman hopes that she can keep young and beautiful without being troubled by aging. Although the overall condition of our body parts is gradually aging with the development of age, but through maintenance can effectively delay aging. All women don’t want to see “yellow faced women” when they are young. Some women are still young when the skin deterioration, skin color problems, mainly due to the following reasons. Stay up late. Staying up late is one of the bad habits that modern people often have. The most direct effect of staying up late on people is the skin state. Staying up late will disturb the body’s biological clock, affect the normal metabolism of the body, thus causing blood circulation disorder, resulting in the body’s Qi and blood deficiency, and skin dullness. In addition, staying up late will make endocrine level imbalance, not only affect the health of the skin, but also lead to irregular menstruation, leading to a series of diseases. (2) liver lesions. Nowadays, the occurrence of liver diseases is becoming younger and younger. Many young people have some problems with their liver function, which is mainly caused by poor work and rest. If the liver’s detoxification function is abnormal, the toxin will accumulate in the body and cannot be discharged in time. This can lead to poor face, even acne, long spots, pore enlargement and other problems. (3) excessive weight loss. Many women try to lose weight in order to get a perfect figure. It is true that obesity has a negative impact on appearance and health, but many women are too slim, and they still want to “lose weight” even though they are obviously healthy weight, and most of them will adopt the way of dieting. This method is extremely unhealthy, easy to lead to malnutrition, Qi and blood loss. Long term like this, can cause malnutrition, also can appear skin dark yellow problem. (4) no sunscreen measures were taken. Direct ultraviolet radiation has a great impact on the skin condition. If the sun protection measures are not taken for a long time, it will not only cause the skin to turn black, but also lead to a series of problems. For example, long spots, acne, pigmentation, etc., serious skin lesions. Therefore, sunscreen is not only to ensure the whiteness of the skin, but also to ensure the key to skin health. (5) use of inferior cosmetics or improper removal of make-up. Cosmetics can cause certain irritation to the skin. Many women only pay attention to isolation before makeup, but ignore the importance of removing makeup. Many skin problems are due to improper removal of make-up, cosmetic residue on the skin caused by irritation. In addition, inferior cosmetics can also cause great irritation to the skin, so we must avoid using three no products. In short, if women want to keep their skin smooth and white, they should develop good habits to avoid skin damage. In addition, diet can also regulate the state of the skin. < / P > < p > first of all, you can add appropriate honey to the water when you drink water, which can not only have the effect of beauty and beauty, but also help the body discharge excess toxins. Secondly, drink more milk. Milk can improve the skin quality, but also can alleviate the problem of insomnia, for the maintenance of the skin is very beneficial. What’s more, eating loofah can also make the skin smooth, and can also inhibit the occurrence of wrinkles. < / P > < p > by maintaining good living habits, combined with anti-aging food, can greatly alleviate the problem of skin aging, and also has great help to women’s health. HEALTHY LIFE