When going to the toilet, if the body sends out 5 signals, the liver or has pathological changes, check the liver CT in time

China is a big country with liver disease, which is closely related to our living habits and eating habits. As an organ of body catharsis, detoxification and blood storage, it is responsible for many body functions. Once liver disease comes to you, your health will be broken down step by step. Because our liver will store a certain amount of iron. If there is a problem with the liver and the metabolism of iron is insufficient, the concentration of elements in the body will rise. Therefore, other regulation mechanisms of the body are to achieve balance effect and promote iron to be discharged with the stool. Therefore, the pulled out Baba will turn black. < / P > < p > abnormal liver function will lead to more and more bilirubin accumulation in the body, and then part of it will decompose into the kidney and excrete with urine. Therefore, the urine is also thick yellow. < / P > < p > when urinating, when the urine gives off a fishy smell, or the combination of rotten apples and bad eggs, it is likely that the liver is already deteriorating. < / P > < p > the liver is also closely related to the internal digestive system. After liver lesions, bile secretion appears abnormal, digestion is not smooth, and stool will be dry. < / P > < p > there is a liver meridian corresponding to the liver, which is in the inner thigh and the anterolateral part of the chest. Beating for 10 minutes every day or kneading the position of the chest can soothe the liver, regulate qi and expel liver toxin. Drinking water often can improve the metabolic rate of liver function, but to better prevent liver disease and expel liver toxin, we can drink the tea with liver clearing effect, woodton tea. < / P > < p > it contains seven ingredients: chrysanthemum, cassia seed, licorice, chicory, Lycium barbarum, Pueraria lobata and mulberry, all of which are good ingredients for nourishing liver. Cassia seed, in particular, can be said to be the “champion” in nourishing liver, because of its high value of nourishing liver, it is often used in nourishing liver tea. < / P > < p > in addition, staying up late and drinking is a major factor in promoting liver disease. Therefore, if you want the liver to get better slowly, you should give up these bad habits and develop good work and rest and eating habits in life. 08/16/2020