When is menopause normal for women? Reminder: it’s not a small matter if you’re older than that

The necessity of menstruation for women is obvious. Menstruation is also a kind of physiological demand, which can accompany women for a long period of life, and is the physiological needs of all normal bodies. It can be said that only when menstruation is normal, women’s physical and mental health can be ensured. However, amenorrhea is one of the things that every woman must go through.

amenorrhea in the true sense refers to the situation that women have no menstruation since then, which represents the end of childbearing age. Generally speaking, the normal menopause age of women should be 45-55 years old, and the age structure is about 50 years old.

due to the difference between the South and the north, the age of amenorrhea in coastal cities of China is 48.99 years old. According to the different physical conditions of each person, the initial menopause age should not be less than 40 years old.

most women will have amenorrhea around the age of 50, but now some women will have amenorrhea before they are 40 years old because of work pressure or gynecological problems. Female friends must pay attention to this situation. The causes of premature amenorrhea can be divided into the following categories:

the first reason is due to long-term lack of nutrition or excessive obesity. When the body is lack of various nutrients, Qi and blood deficiency of the body can not nourish the internal organs of the body, resulting in insufficient kinetic energy supply and premature amenorrhea. Some women will also have amenorrhea due to obesity, so it is best to control their weight within the scope of norms, not too fat, not too partial to eat.

the second reason is that the metabolism of estrogen is not enough. If husband and wife sexual life is abnormal, cannot stimulate sex female hormone metabolism very well. Some women long-term stay up late, smoking and other poor lifestyle will also cause endocrine disorders, so that the lack of estrogen, resulting in premature ovarian failure caused by amenorrhea.

early amenorrhea will not only accelerate the decline of appearance, but also endanger the harmony of husband and wife’s sexual life. Even worse, there may be high blood pressure. Therefore, female basin friends in the ordinary must care about their own menstrual period is not normal.

the first one is that the female body has a higher level of estrogen. If it is long-term high, it must be treated as soon as possible to the hospital, which may cause ovarian cancer and breast cancer.

in a word, the age of female menopause is mainly affected by different factors. It is different from time, region, climate, nutritional components, psychological disorders, menarche age, marital status, frequency of delivery and mode of delivery.

if we let ourselves have an optimistic attitude in our daily life, ensure all-round nutrition in our diet, and have time to strengthen exercise, we will certainly be physically and mentally healthy and energetic! Waistcoat line type abdominal abuse posture, shaping the perfect abdominal curve!