When it’s cold, women should drink it to warm up, nourish and nourish their face. A bowl of it every day is very comfortable

It’s October now, and the temperature is gradually getting lower. In this season, especially in the north, it will become very dry and cold. Every day I go out, I have to add more clothes to resist the cold, but I still feel more and more cold. So at this time of year, I make a bowl of pumpkin wine dumplings for myself, smooth and sweet, and add brown sugar and gouge Qi and jujube as a match, these can be very good food for female friends, often eat can nourish the face, but also warm up the cold, every day to a bowl of special comfort, hurry to see the specific approach. < / P > < p >: 150g pumpkin, 160g glutinous rice flour, some red dates, 100g wine, 10g sugar, 15g milk powder, proper amount of water, a little dried osmanthus, 3 pieces of brown sugar, proper amount of wolfberry and a little lake powder. First of all, prepare the necessary ingredients: peel pumpkin and cut it into thin and uniform slices, soak jujube in warm water for a while, and then rinse it repeatedly with clean water. In this way, the dust on the surface of jujube can be removed, and the wine can be bought in supermarkets. < / P > < p > 5. After that, take about 3 grams of pumpkin dough and rub them into small balls one by one. Don’t be too big. If it’s too big, it’s not easy to cook. < / P > < p > 7. Then, put in the pre rubbed small round, continue to boil it with high fire, and then turn it into a medium and small fire, and cook the small round in the pot until it floats. < / P > < p > 10. Then, slowly pour the water starch into the pot and stir it until the liquid in the pot becomes clear, transparent and sticky. Turn off the fire. < / P > < p > 12. Put the fermented pumpkin balls into a bowl. When it’s hot, it’s smooth and delicious. The bottom of the bowl is warm. Come and have a try. < / P > < p > have you learned how to make this smooth and delicious pumpkin wine dumpling? If you want to learn more about home cooking and baking recipes, please pay attention to the kitchen diary of dimple. Like my article, you can like, forward, collect and comment on it! If you have a higher and better practice and creativity, welcome to leave a message below to discuss and share with your friends! 08/16/2020