When lung cancer happens, can you ache? Respiratory doctor: 4 painful parts, CT scan should be done as soon as possible

After suffering from lung cancer, whether it will hurt or not is a problem that puzzles many people. The lung is a body organ without pain nerves. When people have lung cancer problems, they will not feel pain. If you want to say no pain, many people can find the clues of lung cancer from the body pain.

today, doctors from the respiratory department will tell you that although there is no pain in the lung when suffering from lung cancer, the pain in four parts of the body is obvious. After discovery, CT should be done as soon as possible.

cancer in the lung will lead to the growth of tumor in the lung. When the tumor in the lung becomes larger, it will start to metastasize. Such metastasis will make people feel pain in the body.

first of all, tumor metastases to the chest. Swelling will cause pain in the chest, especially in the position of the pleura. Generally, which side of the lung is cancerous, which side of the chest will have faint pain. Such dull pain and heart disease caused by the dull pain is not the same, people will be accompanied by chest tightness, shortness of breath, pay attention to observation can find signs of lung cancer.

because of the influence of lung cancer, the feeling of chest tightness will aggravate when people breathe deeply or cough, and such pain will also be obvious when people’s respiratory rate increases, which is what we need to pay attention to.

secondly, in addition to chest pain, lung cancer cells may also invade people’s back muscles, causing pain in people’s back. There are spine and cervical spine and other bone joints in the back. Cancer is the most prone to bone and joint metastasis, so when lung cancer has bone metastases, back pain will appear. Many people may mistakenly think it is cervical spondylosis, which also needs to be noticed. Generally, pain caused by bone metastasis may not be good by taking painkillers, which needs attention.

Moreover, bone pain will be reflected in the position of the head, causing pain in the head, and the pain here will be even less. Some people will think that it is caused by lung cancer. Grasping the signals from the body and checking the function of the lung in time will be of great help to the screening and treatment of lung cancer.

in addition to the above three parts, there is also pain in another part, that is, the fourth part, there will be pain, that is, liver pain. This is because lung cancer will also have metastasis, metastasis to the liver, will cause liver discomfort, resulting in pain in the liver area, that is, people have pain in the upper right side of the abdomen. At the same time, if lung cancer has gastric metastasis or intestinal metastasis, it will also have symptoms of stomach pain or bowel pain.

when lung cancer starts to metastasize, it is always when the cancer in people’s body is in the middle and late stage. Once found, we should treat it as soon as possible. Surgery is the best way to relieve the pain and the best way to remove the focus, so as to ensure that the function of the lung can be preserved after surgery, and the surgery can be performed.

in the process of surgery or after surgery, according to the patient’s physical condition, chemotherapy or radiotherapy can be selected to kill all metastatic cancer cells in the body.

during the recovery of lung cancer, we should pay more attention to supplement nutrition, especially to eat more food that can nourish the lung, which is of great help to the recovery of lung function, and can also help relieve various body pain caused by lung cancer. 08/16/2020