When people reach 50, when these “signs” appear around them, they are the beginning of “disasters”, and we should avoid them

When they were young, everyone had a restless heart and thought that they wanted to do something, and they could travel all over the world. At that time, we were all high spirited young people who gave advice. < / P > < p > but as people grow older, people’s hearts gradually become “calm”, no longer restless, do not want to take risks, just want to live a good life in the moment. When people reach the age of 50, they will reach a “turning point”. The first ten years are to get rid of the “confusion” brought about by the age of 40, while the last ten years are to accumulate the confidence of life and keep everything we have. < / P > < p > the so-called “forty without confusion, fifty and know the destiny.” At the age of fifty, people will know what to do and what not to do. So, what is “knowing destiny”? That is to know how to “keep success” and how to let things go. < p > < p > when people reach 50, these “signs” often indicate the arrival of “disaster”. If a person lacks courage, he is likely to accomplish nothing and be oppressed by life. However, if people can understand these things in advance and face them bravely, I believe that they can avoid their influence, and they will be happier for the rest of their lives. < / P > < p > when people have money, they will respond to everything. The guests are full, and even the streets are full of friends. But when people have no money, they even plug their teeth in drinking water and choke when they eat. The so-called friends and feelings are scattered with the wind. In fact, one’s greatest confidence in life is his own “money”. When young, to work hard, is to achieve a career, earn enough for their own life, in order to complete their goals and ideas. However, when people reach middle age, the role of money is not only to affect themselves, but also to the rise and fall of the whole family. Money, for a middle-aged person, is the root of life, but also the key “chain” to maintain family relations. < / P > < p > in this materialistic society, why are most people easily anxious and unhappy? It is because they have no money, life is poor, can only look at the face of others, do not live their own, no dignity. < p > < p > when a person reaches 50, his greatest dignity is, in the final analysis, the money accumulated in the first half of his life. You should know that people need money not only for their current life, but also for the rest of their lives. If you don’t have money, the future will be shattered and there’s nothing to talk about. < / P > < p > the most important thing for a family is to be harmonious. You respect me and I respect you. Only by mutual respect, can people get along well with each other and better unite the “people’s hearts” of the family. < p > < p > family is always the way of people’s coming and returning. If you want to live a good life, family harmony is necessary. But if the family to the point of scattered sand, it is difficult to bear the baptism of life, and even collapse, full of “embarrassed” appearance. < p > < p > when you reach 50, the greatest achievement is not to be rich and rich, but to have a quiet and harmonious home. A home is the best embodiment of one’s life. Because the rise and fall of the family, honor and disgrace, and people’s success or failure is related. Good family, good talent. Family is not good, no matter how much money people make, they will not be happy. In life, the more farsighted people are, the more they will work hard on the “family” relationship, so that the family will not be in crisis. If a person’s family always quarrels, then the family is not far away from “decline”. Because there is no harmony to speak of, the God of wealth also detours, then, how can the rest of life and the future be stable and happy? When a person lives, in most people’s eyes, perhaps work is a way to realize one’s ideal. Can form a family, when a large family of people live, work has become the foundation of happiness and a good source. < p > < p > especially when a person reaches the age of 50, he is already in a “bottleneck period” in his work. Whether we can break through, and then go to a higher level, we can see people’s ability and opportunity. However, for people at this stage, the most important thing is to know how to be successful. Relying on their own experience and ability, we will keep the position we have been fighting for for many years, and will not let it slide down or be replaced by others. < / P > < p > you should know that work is only a matter of “labor” for yourself, but it is a big event for the whole family. The reason why many people live a bad life and live idle at home is because they have no jobs and are disliked by others, and their life becomes more and more “embarrassed”. It’s a very realistic sentence. To make money, you have to have a job. With a job, a natural person’s backbone will be hard, and he will dare to speak louder. Because a job is a support for people. Without this support, the whole person, even the whole family, will collapse. < p > < p > gold is not the most valuable. What is more valuable is people’s “health” and “happiness”. Once a person has health, he has the foundation and ability to pursue wealth and happiness. But once people do not have health, everything is floating clouds. < / P > < p > health is a major event in life. Maybe when you are young, if you don’t feel that you are strong and healthy, you won’t pay too much attention to “health”. However, when people reach the age of 50, there are old people at the top and small ones at the bottom, and there are families in the middle who need to spend money. In the face of these pressures, most people will suddenly understand that the basis of everything is their health. In middle age, people have already changed their wine bottles into thermos cups, and liquor into weak tea. Behind this change is the performance of cherishing health and cherishing life. < / P > < p > if you don’t take care of your health, it will not only affect you, but also your family. As the saying goes, “there is no filial son before a long illness; there is no good wife in a poor family for a long time.” Health matters, can only be careful everywhere, can not relax vigilance. After the age of 50, the body comes first. Don’t let your health problems, this is the responsibility to yourself, but also to the family and relatives. Focus