When pregnant, vomiting is more serious, on behalf of the more intelligent baby? Listen to the doctor

Recently, she was pregnant with her second child. She vomites into doubt every day. In her own words, “she almost lives on a breath of immortal Qi every day.”. The mother-in-law saw that the more severe the pregnancy vomiting was, the more intelligent the child would be in the future. Listen to mother-in-law’s words, grain grain grain doubt.

in the first three months of pregnancy, most pregnant women will have pregnancy vomiting, and a small number of pregnant women don’t or can’t vomit. The older generation uses this phenomenon to judge the intelligence and development of the fetus. In fact, the causes of pregnancy vomiting are quite different from these statements. The more serious the pregnancy vomiting, the smarter the baby? It’s true or false.

the formation of pregnancy induced emesis is relatively complex. At present, there is no exact research to prove the detailed reasons for the formation of pregnancy vomiting, but most of them are caused by the increase of human chorionic gonadotropin. Some pregnant women are infertile and vomiting, and some are pregnant women vomiting, which are also related to the constitution of their pregnant mothers.

many experts believe that the human chorionic gonadotropin (hCG) in pregnant women increases suddenly after pregnancy, which leads to pregnancy vomiting. However, after 10 weeks of gestation, this hormone will gradually decrease, and the pregnancy vomiting reaction will gradually reduce; after 12 weeks, the pregnancy vomiting reaction will disappear. Therefore, to some extent, vomiting is a sign of normal fetal development of a kind of information.

most pregnant women are affected by human chorionic gonadotropin (hCG) after pregnancy. However, a few pregnant women have no reaction during pregnancy, which is normal. According to the relevant research, some pregnant women with good constitution will not produce pregnancy vomiting after pregnancy, so pregnant women without pregnancy vomiting are really lucky.

in addition to human chorionic gonadotropin (hCG), pregnant women are sensitive to odor during pregnancy and prone to pregnancy vomiting. In addition, physical fitness and healthy environment of pregnant mothers are also the reasons for pregnant women’s pregnancy vomiting and the severity of pregnancy vomiting. So far, there is no exact study to show the exact cause of maternal vomiting.

pregnancy vomiting has nothing to do with the intelligence development of the baby. The reason why a baby is smart is not something that pregnant mothers can change. Some pregnant women will be pregnant during pregnancy, while others will not. The severity of pregnancy vomiting is related to the pregnant mother’s physical fitness and diet.

some pregnant mothers have little feeling when they are pregnant with one child, and they are not suffering from infertility and vomiting; however, when they are pregnant with a second child, they are suspicious of life. In fact, this difference in pregnancy and vomiting may be the cause of physical fitness, in pregnancy before the young, good physical quality, so it is easier to get pregnant.

when giving birth to a second child, I have experienced the hard work of taking care of the first child. In addition, the physical fitness of the second child is not as good as that of the first child. Therefore, pregnancy vomiting is more serious than that of the first child.

generally speaking, if the pregnant mother’s family has pregnant vomiting, then probably pregnant women will also have pregnancy vomiting, and the degree of pregnancy vomiting is similar, so to some extent, pregnancy vomiting is hereditary. Pregnancy vomiting is a normal reaction to pregnancy, under normal circumstances after the first three months of pregnancy vomiting will be gradually reduced.

the living environment of some pregnant mothers is not comfortable. In addition, they are more sensitive to the odor environment after pregnancy. If they encounter an environment they don’t like, it will aggravate the reaction degree of pregnancy vomiting. In order to make the early pregnancy more comfortable, it is suggested that pregnant mothers should choose their own comfortable environment to avoid excessive pregnancy and vomiting.

most pregnant mothers will have the reaction of pregnancy and vomiting, which is a signal of the arrival of the baby and also a signal of the healthy development of the baby. Since pregnancy vomiting is inevitable, pregnant mothers can keep in mind the following small methods to maximize the prevention of pregnancy vomiting reaction.

pregnancy vomiting is becoming more and more severe, which is due to the “disturbing” environment. Every pregnant mother has her own things that she dislikes and likes during pregnancy. For example, when I am pregnant, I especially like the environment without flavor, especially hate all kinds of cooking flavor. Pregnant mothers can choose according to their favorite and unpleasant environment, and try to stay in their own comfortable environment to raise their babies.

the smell will aggravate the pregnant women’s vomiting. Choosing a light diet will not only make the pregnant mother have a better appetite, but also avoid gastrointestinal discomfort. So after pregnancy, pregnant mothers try to keep a light diet, which can not only relieve the pregnant mother’s vomiting reaction, but also improve the development of the baby.

when vomiting is very strong, in order to avoid lack of nutrition, in addition to a light diet, eating less and more meals will make the pregnant mother feel more comfortable. In addition, pregnant mothers should try to keep a good mood, which is more conducive to the development of the fetus and baby.

CICI mother’s message: there are two kinds of pregnancy vomiting. Pregnant women should pay special attention to them. One is that they need to seek medical treatment immediately when their pregnancy vomiting is very serious; the second is that pregnant women should be alert to avoid fetal development problems when they suddenly have no pregnancy vomiting in the first three months.