When sleeping mobile phone cannot put bedside, can you cause cancer? Three things can’t be put at the head of the bed. Take them away

With the development of the times, mobile phones have become the necessities of people’s lives. When the network was not so developed, mobile phones were only used for communication, and rarely used to do other things. Nowadays, mobile phones can not only communicate, but also can be used to pay. Before not taking money is afraid to go far away, now, as long as you bring mobile phones and chargers, where can go. Mobile phones can take a taxi, can go to order meals, can book rooms, can also find jobs and so on, bring people a great convenience in life. But because mobile phone is an electronic product, many people say that the cell phone has radiation, and it will cause thyroid cancer to harm the body, etc., but is this correct? The World Health Organization has studied the radiation of mobile phones. It has been found that cell phone radiation can not cause much harm to people’s body and will not cause cancer in the body. But if you use your phone for a long time, it will cause poor vision and some spinal problems. Therefore, you must use the phone correctly and pay attention to the time when you use it. In our bedroom, we should pay attention to the radiation from these objects to the body, which will cause the attack of physical diseases. Many friends like to read the meeting book before they go to bed, expand their reading volume and make their sleep better. But when you buy a new book, you know you will smell a new book. The taste of new books is usually very pungent and it needs to be blown out. But what many friends don’t know is that it has a very big impact on the body. The new book just bought is usually oil ink, but it contains a lot of adhesives, which will contain formaldehyde and other harmful substances to human body. If you take formaldehyde for a long time, it will cause cancer of body organs and increase the probability of leukaemia. So the book you just bought must be in a ventilated place for a few days, and you can get it in the room until it doesn’t taste much. If you have a taste, you must blow it for a few days. Don’t put your new book on the bed in your bedroom.

perfume many friends love to smell, perfume can make people happy. Whether it’s a male friend or a female friend, when you go out, spray a little perfume, not only to delight yourself, but also to make others feel that you have good taste. However, many friends love to spray perfume in their bedroom, but sometimes people use some inferior perfume. This will lead to many problems. Inferior perfume contains many additives that will cause harm to people’s health. If things go on like this, some of them are not good enough. They often suck up inferior perfume, which will cause the endocrine system to be out of tune. So do not spray inferior perfume in the bedroom at ordinary times. When the weather is good, it is better to open windows and ventilate, and to wash the sheets and quilts regularly, so that your bedroom will be clean. It is better to put less electrical appliances in the bedroom, and the electrical appliances will still have certain radiation to the body. If the bedroom is smaller, there are more appliances on the bed head, so the harm to people’s body is increased. The body is in a radiation surrounding environment for a long time, which increases the risk of disease. 08/16/2020