When sleeping, none of these signs are accounted for. Congratulations. You are in good health and have longevity capital

Relevant data show that heart disease occurs at night, because people’s national nerves will be more excited at night, coronary artery contraction, and cardiac blood supply will be reduced. < / P > < p > during sleep, you suddenly feel chest tightness or shortness of breath and are forced to sit up. At this time, it may be heart problems, especially acute myocardial infarction. Please see a doctor in time. < / P > < p > the liver stores blood, and the liver is detoxified and repaired at night. When liver problems occur, it can also affect the quality of sleep, which can damage health. < / P > < p > a good sleep quality should be that after entering sleep at night, you can hardly dream until dawn. Some people tend to wake up naturally when they sleep, and it is difficult to fall asleep. < / P > < p > often wake up at 3 to 5 a.m., indicating insufficient Lung Qi or deficiency of Qi and blood. Pay attention to the health of the lungs. Waking up in the middle of the night may also have something to do with being young. < / P > < p > in general, if an adult wakes up more than twice due to urination after sleeping, it is considered that the frequency of urination is increased. If there is no large amount of water before going to bed, and the number of times to go to the toilet in the middle of the night is more than twice, we should be vigilant. < / P > < p > this may be because the kidney has already had pathological changes. When the renal function gradually decreases, it will affect the normal excretion and lead to more and more urine output. < / P > < p > leg cramps may occur during sleep. In addition to calcium deficiency, we should also consider whether it is caused by elevated blood fat, especially in children with leg cramps. < / P > < p > when abnormal cholesterol metabolism accumulates in the muscle, it will lead to muscle contraction, cramps, high blood fat, and narrowing of blood vessels and local pain. < / P > < p > hands and feet belong to the end of the human body and are far away from the heart. When the blood vessels are blocked, the hands and feet are easy to get cold, and the pulse of the instep will gradually weaken. < / P > < p > due to the blockage of blood vessels, blood circulation is not smooth, and less and less blood flows to the extremities, which will lead to abnormal cold hands and feet. At this time, we should also be aware of whether the blood vessels are blocked. < / P > < p > If none of the above performances appear when you sleep at night, congratulations. If you have the capital of longevity, even one of them should be paid attention to. In addition to paying attention to the maintenance of your body, you should also seek medical examination in time. < / P > < p > cigarette burning will produce a variety of harmful substances, increasing the risk of lung cancer; smoking will accelerate the process of liver fibrosis, increasing the risk of liver cancer; tobacco burning will produce a variety of harmful substances, into the blood circulation system, damage vascular endothelium < / P > < p > long term smoking can lead to gradual hardening of blood vessels, increase the risk of vascular diseases, and reduce physical fitness more easily. Therefore, it is imperative to quit smoking. The best time to quit smoking is now. Moderate drinking does not increase the metabolic burden of the body, because drying can metabolize alcohol out of the body in time and maintain the internal environment of the body. However, some people can not control the amount of alcohol during drinking. < / P > < p > drinking alcohol can increase the risk of liver disease and even lead to sudden death. Drinking a lot of alcohol for a long time will increase the metabolic burden of various organs of the body, and also damage the brain nervous system, resulting in memory loss. < / P > < p > once the alcohol intake exceeds the limit of the body, it will endanger life and health, so the best way to have a healthy and long life is to avoid drinking. < / P > < p > soaking feet in hot water has many benefits for the body, which can help accelerate the metabolism of the body and reduce the residue of harmful substances. Feet are the most dense organs of acupoints in human body, which can be improved by foot bath. < / P > < p > you must soak your feet thoroughly. Some people just wash their feet when they soak their feet. In fact, there are also particular about foot soaking, adhere to more feet, let the body slightly sweating, in order to achieve the effect of health preservation. As the saying goes, “movement leads to Yang rising, and Yang Qi is called” the root of life “. Only when the human body has enough Yang Qi can it shine the viscera, which is conducive to health and longevity. We should adhere to appropriate exercise every day, enhance physical quality and prevent diseases. Walking has been recognized by who as the best exercise in the world. Studies show that people who walk more than 30 minutes a day are four times more likely to live longer than the average person, and walking can help reduce the risk of vascular disease. < p > < p > studies have found that optimists usually live more than 12 years longer than pessimists, and a complaining person is more likely to be favored by diseases, and this group of people will also neglect their own maintenance. It can exercise the function of lungs and other parts, accelerate the excretion of toxins and garbage, and maintain the stability of internal environment. A smile is also the basis of longevity. 08/16/2020