When the actress takes off her make-up, Ju Jingyi only shows half of her face. Song Zuer looks like a simple and innocent girl. She sees Wu Xin: bring her own beauty?

For stars, live and small videos have become a major part of their daily sharing and interaction with fans. Stars will open live broadcast with their fans from time to time. In the live broadcast, we can see that the stars interact with the fans more directly, which makes people feel a kind of intimacy. As we all know, online celebrities basically turn on the beauty filter, and for those stars who have high appearance value, they will choose to turn off the beauty filter to show their real state. While some stars are more direct, they will choose to remove their makeup during live broadcast. In this case, it is a test of plain face. Many stars wash and make-up in the live broadcast. What kind of state are they in after removing makeup?

when it comes to Zhao Lushi, I believe everyone is very familiar with it. Playing the female host Chen Qianqian in this year’s broadcast really surprised everyone. In the past two years, Zhao Lu Si has contributed a lot of sweet favorite dramas, so she has made a lot of audience popularity. The round face is very recognizable, so it is also known as the goddess of the new generation. See her face in the live broadcast after removing makeup, although there is no beauty, but the whole person looks very good-looking. Zero blemish on the face is as tender and delicate as cooked chicken protein, which makes people too jealous. However, Zhao Lu Si’s age is not big, the skin presents a very good state, this is also justifiable.

when Ju Jingyi first came into the public view, she was deeply loved by fans with her unique but highly recognizable image. Ju Jingyi can be said to be a female star with her own hot search constitution. She has been on the hot search because of various things. In addition to singing and dancing, she has also established herself in the performing arts circle. See her in the live broadcast after removing makeup and washing her face, the whole process only showed half of her face. After washing her face, it is very good to look at the skin.

song Zuer, who is active in the entertainment industry, is one of the best. Not only is he beautiful, but his business ability is also recognized by the audience. In private, song Zuer is also a very lively and earthly star. She once boldly carried out face washing and makeup removal in her live broadcast. This wave of operation has also brought her good feeling. See the state of complete plain face, plain face, collagen seems to overflow the screen feeling, people can not help feeling young, good. In order to remove the makeup thoroughly, song Zuer rubbed his red nose when he washed his face, so the picture was inexplicably pleasant and simple.

Yang Ying can’t stand down in the entertainment circle with her beauty, and can crush others successfully no matter what occasion. Now she has become a mother, but her appearance and figure are very girlish. I can see her state after washing and removing makeup. Her eyes, eyebrows and lips are clean. Her facial features are really beautiful, but her skin lacks some luster.

Wu Xin is one of the hosts in the happy base camp. She has developed very well in recent years. She not only hosts programs and participates in other variety shows, but also takes part in film and television dramas. She has seen more highlights of her. In addition, Wu Xin also began to take the fashion line, a beautiful photo stunned passers-by. I often share some of my skin care and makeup experience on the platform, which makes people feel like a beauty blogger. Seeing Wu Xin’s appearance after washing her face and removing her make-up, many netizens have said that they are dazzled? The skin feels so tender that you can pinch the water. You can’t imagine that this is the skin state of 37 years old. You can’t think of it. CUISINE&HEALTH