When the baby arrives at the due date, is it lazy? In fact, this is to blame the mother to be

Pregnant in October, delivery in one day. And this “one day childbirth” before the waiting, let expectant mothers have been feeling too much suffering. Because in the third trimester of pregnancy, the fetus is enlarged, and the pregnant mother’s body load is also large. It is really hard to bear a big stomach. What’s more, I’ve been carrying it for so long. I’ve been looking forward to “unloading” as soon as possible. However, many people have reported that the expected date of delivery is too unreliable, and some people suddenly launch it when it is half a month before the expected date of delivery, which makes the pregnant mother unprepared. There are also, due date has passed a week, the baby still has no sign of starting, people are very anxious. My cousin, for example, has been tortured crazy by the due date recently. It’s been a week since my cousin’s due date of delivery, but she hasn’t seen red, broken water, upset stomach, and even a false uterine contraction. To the hospital examination, the doctor said it was still early, the fetus did not enter the basin, and the intrauterine conditions are very good, the placenta is not aging, the child stay for another week is no problem. However, my cousin is very anxious, because all her friends who are pregnant later than her have already given birth, and the child is still a little girl, which makes her envious and jealous. Therefore, every day to start, I hope to give birth to a lovely little girl. However, the baby still did not respond, the cousin sighed, “is this lazy? Is it a lazy fellow to be born later? ” < / P > < p > in fact, it is necessary to “blame” the expectant mother for not starting the baby when it is due to give birth. After all, it is the mother who raises the baby. Of course, the baby starts earlier than the expected date of delivery, which is also related to the condition of the expectant mother. Let’s see why. < / P > < p > some expectant mothers have a long ovulation cycle and late ovulation. According to the normal calculation, the baby may arrive at the expected delivery date, but from the actual situation of the expectant mother, it is still early. If you don’t allow your mother to be lazy, you can’t start early. < / P > < p > it is also said that the “lazy month” of a child born to a expectant mother is also related to the “lazy month” of her mother’s birth. Because, giving birth to a child depends on the constitution of the pregnant mother, and the Constitution also has heredity. Some pregnant mothers have good physique and good pregnancy, and their reproductive system is more conducive to production, and they will start early. But some pregnant mothers have general physical quality, the baby development, production conditions are relatively mature later, the baby will start later. Generally speaking, twins and multiple mothers will give birth earlier. Because with the increase of the fetus, the space and nutrients in the pregnant mother’s stomach obviously can’t bear the development of multiple babies, and many of them will be premature. So, it’s related to ovulation during pregnancy. < / P > < p > for some babies, the gestational age is larger than the normal gestational age every time, which is related to the good nutrition of pregnant mother during pregnancy. Fetal growth, growth and development of adequate nutrition, natural than other babies develop completely earlier, so there is also the possibility of early birth. Of course, pregnant mothers should be alert to the situation of excessive diet and excessive weight gain, which may lead to pregnancy induced hypertension, and also pay attention not to develop the baby into a “giant baby”, otherwise, she will suffer more when she has a natural birth. In addition, in the third trimester of pregnancy, some mothers to be are not idle, and they are not busy with housework and work, which leads to overwork, which also easily leads to premature birth. Or late pregnancy long-distance running, long-term maintenance of a sitting position, resulting in fetal hypoxia, as well as being bumped to, also easy to lead to premature delivery. < p > < p > in fact, clinical practice shows that very few children are born on the day of the expected date of delivery, and they are basically advanced or delayed. As long as the baby 37 weeks in advance, and not more than 42 weeks later, check the fetus and everything is normal, expectant mothers do not have to worry. < / P > < p > in the third trimester of pregnancy, with the enlargement of the fetus, it will squeeze into the stomach, so the pregnant mother’s appetite is generally not very good. Even if you can eat, you will feel blocked after eating. However, if you suddenly feel better appetite before and after the due date of delivery, and the food is not so blocked, the pregnant mother should pay attention to the possibility that the fetus has entered the basin. < p > < p > after the fetus enters the basin, it will descend to the lower position, and the pregnant mother’s stomach will not be squeezed again. And the fetus into the basin is to prepare for production, primipara basically about two weeks to start, and through the maternal may start within a week. < / P > < p > when the fetus enters the pelvic cavity, the position of the fetus will drop, so the pregnant mother will also feel that the upper abdomen becomes smaller, while the lower abdomen has obvious falling feeling. Some pregnant mothers, even going to the toilet, feel that they are falling badly, and they are worried that the fetus will come out at any time. At this time, we should pay more attention to the preparation for production, such as packing the waiting bags in advance, and let the family accompany themselves in the past few days. In addition, many pregnant mothers will feel severe pubic pain in the third trimester of pregnancy, which is also a sign of delivery. Because the fetus into the basin, will cause extrusion to the pregnant mother’s body, and the pregnant mother itself will prepare for production. HEALTHY LIFE