When the birth weight of 280 grams of “thumb baby”, 19 weeks ahead of the birth, now how?

You can never imagine how tenacious life is! In this world, whether human beings, animals or plants, the miracle of life created by them is extremely shocking and great.

between heaven and earth and nature, human beings are very small, just like “sending mayflies to heaven and earth, a drop in the sea”. For human beings, from childhood to old age, the cells in a person’s body are constantly proliferating, differentiating, aging and apoptosis, and there are as many as billions of cells living for a person. Therefore, the power of life is overwhelming You can’t be underestimated

14 years ago, a special baby was born in Miami, USA. the baby was premature. When the mother was 21 weeks and 6 days pregnant, the baby girl came to the world by caesarean section.

as soon as it was reported by the media, it attracted the attention of the whole world. We learned the news of the baby’s coming to the world in different ways. After the exclamation, people prayed that the baby would survive smoothly.

according to records, if the world’s youngest baby is born prematurely within 23 weeks of pregnancy, no one can survive, but this baby miraculously survived. Because of this, the baby was also certified by Guinness World Records as “the smallest surviving premature baby in the world”.

the baby weighed only 280 grams and was only 24 centimeters long when she was born. Her mother named her Amelia Taylor. Amelia was born less than 400 grams, only palm size, it is very fragile, once thought by doctors can not survive, doctors can not even know the baby’s normal blood pressure should be how much.

therefore, the hospital’s experience in taking care of Amelia is not enough. Doctor Smalling, who once took care of the premature baby, said: “Amelia is a miracle baby!” Fortunately, she had to complete a breathing machine, but the doctor found that the wound healed very quickly.

after four months of intensive care, Amelia has weighed about 2 kg. Amelia was gradually able to breathe, cry and eat normally, which made her parents and doctors very happy. After careful consideration, the hospital finally approved the discharge of Amelia.

when leaving the hospital, the doctor told Amelia’s parents a thousand times and gave them a lot of things to pay attention to, until finally he reluctantly sent this little life out of the hospital

when she was one year old, Amelia grew 8 cm. When she was two years old, she had grown to 70 cm. Even though Amelia grew slowly compared with normal babies due to congenital defects, it was not important for the Taylor family, because Amelia brought more than a little surprise to the family.

when interviewed by a reporter, Amelia’s mother Sonia said that the reason why her daughter can survive and grow up normally is inseparable from the medical staff in the hospital. She knows that it is very difficult for her daughter to survive, but the hospital doctors, nurses and family members are very concerned about Amelia’s growth, and eventually can create a miracle of life.

at the same time, Sonya also revealed that the medical staff in the hospital often find time to visit little Amelia, which also makes her very moved. At this point, Sonya could not hide her excitement and emotion. Tears had already wet her eyes

indeed, how could Amelia survive without the care and love of so many people? It is the love of many medical staff and their families that makes the miracle of Amelia’s life. Of course, what’s more shocking is that Amelia, a premature baby born less than 22 weeks old, has broken the law of Iowa University on the overall situation of premature babies’ life and death with her indomitable will, and repays everyone who cares, cares and cares for her with her vigorous growth! Amelia has never been a preterm girl, but now she is not as healthy as anyone of her age.

Amelia has grown from a “thumb baby” to a graceful girl, all of which interpret the tenacity and greatness of life. Behind the miracle of Amelia’s life, there is love and care, which also explains that the miracle of life cannot be separated from love and care. I hope Amelia can always thrive under this kind of love and care, and also wish all life in the world can create their own miracle in the love and care. 08/16/2020