When the effect of belly curling is not good, it is suggested that it is time to change the action. Five advanced actions should be taken to carve abdominal lines

When we want to have a flat abdomen and beautiful vest line admired by others, we know that in addition to effective fat reduction, regular abdominal training is indispensable, because abdominal training can not only make the abdomen become flat and tight, but also increase the thickness of abdominal muscles, so as to make the displayed abdominal muscle lines more clear and beautiful. < / P > < p > however, in the process of abdominal training, we are familiar with some abdominal movements, although they can stimulate abdominal muscles to a certain extent, but when we do too much, our ability will be improved. At this time, if we want to gain further effect, the effect of taking these simple actions will gradually decrease. < / P > < p > we know that if you want to stimulate the abdominal muscles efficiently and promote the growth of the abdominal muscles, it is not a matter that can be completed comfortably. When our current abdominal training can be easily completed without pressure, we need to change the action, because our ultimate goal is not to let the vest line appear, but to make the displayed vest line more beautiful and clear, and to keep the beautiful vest line for a long time. < / P > < p > therefore, let’s share a group of more difficult abdominal training movements. Although this group of movements is also unarmed training movements, it is relatively difficult. It can stimulate abdominal muscles more strongly, so that you can harvest more effective results. < / P > < p > lean forward, arms straight, support on the yoga mat directly under the shoulder, elbow slightly bent, back straight, core tight, legs bent, feet on the ground, knees off the ground, keep the body stable, keep the core tight, and lift the opposite side of the arm and the top of the leg, stop for a while, and complete the other side of the action, pay attention to the whole movement Keep your body stable. If you can’t, kneel on both knees to complete the action < / P > < p > side support on the yoga mat, lower arm bending elbow support on the yoga mat, upper hand next to the ear, back straight, core tight, legs together and straight, lower foot support to keep the body stable, buttocks down to the top of the action, then lift the knee forward to lift a leg on this basis, At the same time, press the upper elbow down to make the elbow and knee as close to the top of the action for a while, feel the contraction of the abdominal muscles, and then return to the opposite direction < / P > < p > lie on your back on the yoga mat, press your upper body to the ground, open your arms to both sides of the body, and straighten the legs together and lift them upward to keep the upper limbs stable. The abdominal force drives the legs to twist to the side of the body until the top of the action stops To restore, and then complete the action on the other side, pay attention to slow down the movement speed appropriately, feel the contraction and extension of abdominal muscles < / P > < p > lie on your back on the yoga mat, with your upper body on the ground, raise your arms up over your head, and keep your legs together and straight forward to keep your body stable. Lift one leg upward from your abdomen, and roll up your upper body at the same time, and move your arms forward with the body movement to make both sides move forward Stop your hand as close as possible to the apex of one side of the active leg to feel the contraction of the abdominal muscles, then control the speed to return to the initial state, and complete the action on the other side < / P > < p > support the body by bending the elbow of the lower arm on the yoga mat, with the upper hand on the waist, with the legs together and straight, the lower foot supporting the ground, and the upper foot hanging in the air, so as to keep the body stable without shaking, so as to keep the upper leg on its own Within the ability range, swing one side back and forth to complete the other side after completing the expected number of times. < / P > < p > pay attention to the completion of each movement under the premise of ensuring the quality of the action. Slowing down the movement speed appropriately can help to better feel the contraction and extension of the target muscle, and effectively reduce the action inertia, so as to make the training more efficient. Each action is 15-20 times, unilateral action After the training, stretch the abdominal muscles to help them recover. Focus