When the female is old, usually “3 loose, 2 big, 1 place hair more”, if not, congratulations are still young

For women, the love of beauty is the pursuit of every woman, they fear the most is aging. However, with the growth of age, the problem of aging is becoming more and more obvious. Therefore, we use our own all-round skills to retain our appearance. We often neglect our health and the aging signals sent by our bodies, which leads to the failure to remedy them in time.

every woman wants her chest to be firm and firm. When a woman reaches a certain age, her chest will droop slowly. She should wear appropriate underwear and massage regularly to find the right way to lose weight.

as you get older and you don’t exercise, your hips will disappear. Sitting for a long time will make the buttocks look flabby and inflexible. Usually can do some appropriate movement changes, such as sitting posture cross stretching, supine lightning stretching, sitting posture cross stretching and so on.

at the age of 30, the watershed of women’s age. At that age, the skin gets worse and the facial skin begins to loosen. When you find that your face is getting bigger, don’t think it’s you who are getting fat. It may be that the skin on your face begins to relax before you look big. This is a sign of aging.

the enlargement of teeth is not the real enlargement of teeth, but the atrophy of muscles around the teeth, which affects the gap between teeth. With the increase of age, many women have such troubles. Timely regulating kidney qi is also a way to delay aging.

eating too much when young can also keep a good figure. With the increase of age, women will also have large stomachs in middle age. Because a long time of sedentary or lack of exercise will be such a situation, older, the body’s metabolic function decline, digestive function is poor, will appear bloated.

under normal circumstances, women’s mouth and beard will have some fine hairs, but generally they can’t be seen. Some of them may be genetic factors. However, if a woman’s body has problems, the hair will become more and more. It looks like growing a “beard”. If this kind of performance appears, it is necessary to maintain the body, which is a sign of aging.

most women usually buy more skin care products to replenish the body’s moisture. If the skin is short of water, it will look more aging. Drinking more water can supplement the lack of water in the body, speed up the metabolism of the body, and make the skin more tender. When drinking water, add some healthy small plants, can better protect the antioxidant capacity of blood vessels, looking younger.

keeping a proper amount of exercise can enhance immunity. We should do some aerobic exercise which is conducive to health every day, promote metabolism and delay aging.

keeping a good mood every day can delay the speed of aging. If you often lose your temper or have too much pressure, it will affect the quality of sleep and increase the risk of disease. When you are in a bad mood, you can choose to listen to songs and read books to ease your mood.