When the flood came, the couple gave up all their belongings and rescued only a group of dogs

In New York City, a couple named Chris and mariesa specially adopt dogs that are born with defects. They are not cared for by others, but they love them twice as much.

Chris and mariesa used to have an elderly dog mo. after Mo died, there was still a considerable amount of medical expenses at home. At this time, they happened to see a lot of videos of dogs in need of help. They realized that they should help more dogs.

they think that many owners send their dogs to shelters because they don’t have so much money to pay for expensive medical expenses, so their nonprofit charities can help dogs and owners in need.

up to now, the Mr. Mo project has helped thousands of pets get rid of the fate of euthanasia, helped them receive treatment and found a good home for them!

in addition, Chris and mariesa have adopted 20 “special” dogs. Most of these dogs are not willing to adopt, but they are very happy to give the children a home.

because they like dogs from the bottom of their hearts, they hope that dogs can find their owners who love them. Even if they don’t find their owners’ dogs, the husband and wife are willing to give everything for them. They hope that even if they don’t belong to them at the beginning, they will have the warmest love in the world.

these excrement removing officers are great. Some people may not understand them, but what is the importance of other people’s opinions? Only we ourselves can understand the position and significance of maohaizi in our mind.